The Top 5 Protein Powder Choices

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Searching online or walking into a health food store for protein powders can be a little overwhelming if you are not sure what you are looking for. Here are my top 5 protein choices and information on each for your next shopping trip!

Whey is the most popular and easiest to utilize. It can be used as a pre-workout boost, a post workout muscle recharge, in recipes, or mixed with water as a quick snack. This is a great starting protein for beginners as it comes in many brands and flavors. 
Where workouts are concerned, Whey is considered fast acting and is perfect to take right after a weightlifting workout and is perfect for muscle growth.


Casein, though similar to Whey, is considered slow absorbing and usually taken at night right before so it can work to repair and build muscle while you sleep. Casein isn’t used in recipes or as a snack like Whey, but can actually be used as your protein in a full meal. Casein will keep you full longer and deliver a constant flow or protein typically over 5 hours.
If you are looking for a vegetarian protein powder alternative, Soy is usually where people turn first. Soy provides all essential amino acids and has been known to boost the metabolism and sparking fat and weight loss.
Rice protein is great if you are looking for a veggie protein alternative to Whey and Casein. Both a protein and a carb, Rice is easily digestible and easier on the stomach than the dairy or Soy alternatives. 

One of the most favorite veggie options, Hemp protein is nutrient-dense and is a rich source of protein, omega-fatty acids and fiber.  Considered a super food, Hemp contains all amino acids, and has many benefits including improved metabolism, brain function, and circulation.
My Top Choices:

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