My Review: Flat Tummy Tea

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My Review: Flat Tummy Tea

After giving Flat Tummy Tea a try I thought I’d share my review. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

As you may know, I went through a personal fitness transformation about two years ago. I lost 65 pounds, was eating clean, and had a regimented fitness routine. This is great (and what I try to stick to as often as possible) but every now and again I find myself over indulging on the weekends, or at happy hour, or just because. And I am at the place now where I know these indulgences, no matter how long they last, will end and I will be back on track. The only thing is that sometimes my body isn’t happy with me and I get bloated for a long period of time even after I start eating well and exercising. And this bloating really does make it difficult to fully get back on track.

As a tea lover, I stumbled upon Flat Tummy Tea. The tea alleges that it speeds metabolism, reduces bloating, detoxifies intestinal tract ridding the build up of nasty toxins, increases energy levels and immune system (super high in antioxidants), gently helps to relieve constipation, and suppresses sweet cravings. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well though this tea is not a miracle worker (you still need to eat well and exercise of course!) it does work great to reduce bloating and promote digestion! The tea has a really mild, delicious taste and on a few occasions replaced my need for a coffee (hello energy!).

How to Make
Steep the tea in your favorite strainer (some of the tea is quite fine, so try out a mesh strainer first if you have one) in a mug of hot water. You can steep for 2 minutes (mild) or for about 5-7 minutes (stronger taste, better benefits). 
Is It Worth It?
Like I said, it is no miracle worker. I can’t attest to the higher immunity or to the sped up metabolism, but it did relieve some bloating, but I think any peppermint tea would do the same and for a much lower price. My favorite peppermint tea can be found here.

Have you ever tried Flat Tummy Tea? Let me know how it worked for you in the comments below!
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