Top Five Healthiest Smoothie Ingredients

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A smoothie can either be a super healthy diet booster or a heavy regret-filled cup of tears. Picking the right ingredients is a big deal. If you stick to fruits, veggies, and the awesome extras I include below your smoothie prep game will be flawless!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil was not the first thing I would reach for when making a smoothie as a beginner. I always thought just greens, greens, greens, plus an apple for good measure. But if you want to stave off a cold or boost your immune system, Coconut oil contains lauric acid which works as an immunity booster.  I prefer coconut oil in a creamier smoothie made with a banana rather than an all green one.


If you are coming in from a tough workout of weight lifting, then you are probably reaching for a protein smoothie with a scoop of whey. Whey protein shakes help rebuild muscles torn in the gym and can usually pack a protein punch of about 25 grams per serving.


Choca-holic? Get your chocolate fix in your next smoothie with Cacao powder. Packed with iron, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants, Cacao is as guilt free as they come in the chocolate realm. Add this powder to banana based smoothies for a healthy treat any time of the day!


I will be honest, Kale can be a little tough to eat in the raw form. I know it is amazing for you (Kale has compounds that have been known to reduce the risk of cancer) but it is not my favorite taste or texture. In comes smoothies! Adding Kale to your green smoothie will not only  up the health factor, but when hidden with berries, spinach, and lemon juice, it becomes super delicious!

Chia Seeds

These powerful little seeds cannot only take the place of eggs and thickeners in recipes, they also make a great companion to smoothies. Full of protein and fiber, these little seeds expand when soaked, which can keep you fuller longer, and also help aid in digestion. My personal tip is to always soak your chia seeds before consuming them. Since they absorb so much liquid, they can actual end up dehydrating you when ingested in the dry form. Also, blend your smoothie, pour in a jar, and then add the seeds; you don’t want your chia to get stuck in your blender’s motor.


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