Low Carb High Protein Chocolate Mug Cake + Calorie Breakdown

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This insanely easy to make breakfast will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but will leave you full all morning long!

Ingredients (Makes 1 cake)

Optional Ingredients


Mix all dry ingredients (including optional dry ingredients if using) until well combined. Mix in the almond milk and egg and stir until just combined (don’t over mix!). Depending on your microwave, cook for 40 – 60 seconds. Check the cake after 40 seconds; if it starts to bubble over the lip of the mug, stop the cooking and gently pat down the cake with the back of a spoon and continue microwaving. Your cake should be moist, but cooked all the way through. If its a little soft in the middle, feel free to put back in the microwave for an additional 15 seconds or enjoy as is!

When the cake is ready to eat, top with berries or a heaping spoonful of melted peanut butter.


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4 thoughts on “Low Carb High Protein Chocolate Mug Cake + Calorie Breakdown

  1. Recipe sounds great. One problem though-wherever I look, I always see whey measured in “scoops”. What is the deal with that? Different whey products come with different sized scoops, some come with no scoop at all? Why can’t people use “cup” or “tablespoon” like we do with every thing else in a recipe? This just doesn’t make any sense! How can I try a recipe when I don’t know how much of an ingredient to put in? Would it be that hard to measure your particular “scoop” and translate it into something we usually use to measure ingredients? Please?

  2. Can you measure how much your whey your “scoop” holds and put that in Tablespoons/cups? Honestly, I don’t know why people keep using the random size “scoop” as a whey measurement when the scoops are not a standard size. Thanks.

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