Starbucks Skinny Matcha Vanilla Iced Latte (Sip for Radiant Skin & Boost Your Metabolism!)

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Starbucks Skinny Matcha Vanilla Iced Latte (Sip for Radiant Skin & Boost Your Metabolism!)

I love a matcha latte. They perk me up as well as deliver a nice boost of antioxidants. But my love for them is sometimes outweighed by the heavy price tag & all the other junk that can be mixed in. The solution? Craft my own!

I’m on a pretty heavy rotation of super supplements like ashwagandha, reishi, matcha, collagen, chlorophyll &more. So I picked a few of my top players in order to make the most Super Matcha Latte you will ever see.

My holy trinity for this drink: collagen, chlorophyll, & matcha. Why these three? I will definitely write a more in depth post on my favorite supplements in the next few weeks, but for now let me tell you:

Collagen: improves health and appearance of skin, hair, teeth & nails, helps reduce joint pain and ease arthritis symptoms, helps heal leaky gut syndrome, can boost your metabolism, and protect liver & heart health!

What a list! I started taking collagen after learning about my arthritis in my knees. After reading about all the benefits, I made sure to incorporate collagen into multiple servings a day. An added plus is the 10grams of protein per serving in collagen as well!

Chlorophyll: considered a super food because of its strong antioxidant and anticancer effects. In addition, it can help boost your metabolism, improve appearance of skin, detox your liver & help you lose weight.


Matcha: In addition to what I wrote above, matcha is packed with antioxidants including the EGCg (a powerhouse for cardiovascular and metabolic health), boosts metabolism and burns calories, helps to detox your system, and can calm & relax your body.

Just to note, Matcha already contains a bit of Chlorophyll, but I like to add extra. The Clorophyll is optional in this recipe, so feel free to leave it out & let the Matcha do all the work!



¼ cup hot water (right before it starts to boil)
1 teaspoon matcha tea powder (Buy my fave brand here)  note, you can  bring this up to two teaspoons, but I have found that that much matcha in one serving gives me a headache.
1 scoop collagen peptides (Buy my fave brand here)
⅛ teaspoon vanilla bean powder (Buy my fave brand here)
15 droplets Chlorophyll (Buy my fave brand here)
¾ cup unsweetened nut milk (heavy cream works well here as well)
1 teaspoon Swerve, optional

Whisk matcha & hot water together until smooth. You can get one of those fancy matcha whisks here but this cheap frother works pretty well too.

Once matcha is whisked smoothly, add all of the other ingredients in and whisk again until smooth and frothy. Pour over ice & enjoy!

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