11 Sites that Pay You to Blog!

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11 Sites that Pay You to Blog! (1)
That’s the dream isn’t it? Being paid to creatively write your own blog posts? Well that dream could very well become your reality!

You created a blog (yay, congrats!) & now want to generate some extra money from it. Brands have realized how influential bloggers can be to sell their product or services & are now paying top dollar to get you to be a part of their team. How cool is that?

The confusing part is how to get into contact with these brands. Eliminate the confusion and sign up with blogger-to-brand platforms! These platforms will put you in direct contact with brands looking for talent (that’s you!). I have outlined some of my favorite platforms that I have used while making money blogging.

Signing up with different platforms will allow you to get your name & blog out there while also being opened to many different offers. It may seem overwhelming at first, but once you set up your profiles on each, you will be able to manage easily.

This post may contain affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here.

1. LINQIA: Have you ever read a sponsored post and were left confused as to why your fave blogger is promoting something off brand? At Linqia, authenticity is key. Staying true to you & working with brands that compliment your blog’s niche is what they are about! The platform will send you sponsorships that match your criteria, you won’t have to scroll through anything – they do the work for you! Sign up here!

2. FIVERR: I love this platform. You work on your schedule, on the brands you want, and when you want to. This platform will also increase your visibility to all brands, not just the ones you are working with and you get paid well & on time. Sign up here!

3. SHAREASALE: If you are just starting out & are having trouble finding opportunities through the platforms, ShareASale might be for you. It’s more of an affiliate network – you can pick the product you’d like to promote & write a blog post about it. You earn money every time someone makes a purchase off your link. They have thousands of products so you really could create a post a day! Sign up here.

4 . SWAY: Brought to your by the SITS Girls, this platform is a lot like Activate. You can pick who you would like to blog with in a very easy to use dashboard. You can sign up here.

5. BLOG MEETS BRAND: This is another great option with a simple sign up. Just go through a few pages and describe you, your blog & your followig and you are done! The platform will send you sponsorships that match with your niche, you don’t have to scroll through unrelated sponsorships which is great and time saving. You can sign up here.

6. LISTVERSE: Ever read a Buzzfeed post & think “I could totally write that!”? Well Listverse pays $100 per article in list form. So become your inner Buzzfeeder and start listing! You can sign up here.

7. CLEVER GIRLS COLLECTIVE: This is one of the harder platforms to get into and unless you have a strong following on one of your social accounts, you might be rejected. But still apply because you might be exactly what they are looking for! You can sign up here.

8. SOCIAL FABRIC: Another elite blogging platform, you may need to apply a few times before being accepted, but don’t give up! You can sign up here.

9. PAYU2BLOG: This is one of the lower payment thresholds on the list, but you do get opportunitues thrown your way relatively quickly. This site might be a great way to earn a little extra while beefing up your post count. You can sign up here.

10. ACTIVATE: You have to be a member of Bloglovin’ (which if you have a blog, you should be anyway) and then you can signup for their influencer platform, Activate, here. You can apply to work with different brands including Target, Reebok & more!

11. TAP: Connect your social, click the topics that you love to write about then let the brands come to you! You can sign up here.

12. UPWORK: this one was added because of an awesome comment I received asking me to check it out. Upwork looks more like a freelance job board BUT you can choose what kind of writing you’d like to do (including blog writing!) so this is a definite must use! You can sign up here.

Did I miss a network you love? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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11 Sites that Pay You to Blog!
11 Sites that Pay You to Blog!

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