Low Carb Breakfast Recipes (That Aren’t Eggs!)

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Low Carb Breakfast Recipes
I have a love/ hate relationship with eggs. Sometimes I’ll make the yummiest, yolk porn worthy eggs and other times I can’t even stand the smell of them.

As a low carber, you really get stuck with the notion that you can only have eggs for breakfast. But, after some Pinterest research and a ton of trial & error recipe testing, I have found the best, most delicious low carb breakfast recipe that Pinterest and all the interwebs have to offer.

Low Carb Donuts

Low Carb Breakfast Recipes (That Aren't Eggs!) #lowcarb #keto #paleo #whole30 #loseweightfastandeasy
Oh yes, really! These are so yum and have the same feel as a ‘real’ donut. And they are sweet & moist (sorry, I know you hate that). These are a must try, especially with UNDER 1 CARB per serving!

Get the recipe here.

Keto Cakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? And who thought they would have to give up pancakes in a low carb lifestyle? I’m guilty. But these pancakes are really delicious. And if you are looking for that super fluffy pancake look, add a tablespoon of baking powder into the batter!

Get the recipe here.

Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Low Carb Breakfast Recipes (That Aren't Eggs!) #lowcarb #keto #paleo #whole30 #loseweightfastandeasy

Low Carb Breakfast Recipes (That Aren't Eggs!) #lowcarb #keto #paleo #whole30 #loseweightfastandeasy
I am a pumpkin spice nut and these muffins did not disappoint. They are perfect for an on the go breakfast and even better when you eat them warm with a little butter.

Get the recipe here.

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Savory Breakfast Cookies

These are so good, are great for a meal prep & taste amazing! These are kind of like a cookie/biscuit hybrid and are dangerously addictive. For all my meal preppers, I made a dozen of these and had two for breakfast each day of the week (they keep well). Just make sure to line every layer with a paper towel to avoid soggy cookies.

Get the recipe here.



Low Carb Breakfast Recipes (That Aren't Eggs!) #lowcarb #keto #paleo #whole30 #loseweightfastandeasy

The BEST way to start the day? With chocolate of course!

Get the recipe here.

Bulletproof Coffee Drops

Make sure your morning bulletproof coffee is strong, healthy & in an instant! These drops are a complete ready to go game changer. Make a batch for this week’s upcoming morning coffees!

Get the recipe here.

Canadian Bacon-Egg Cups
Low Carb Breakfast Recipes (That Aren't Eggs!) #lowcarb #keto #paleo #whole30 #loseweightfastandeasy
Easy, portable, delicious and filling – isn’t that everything you could for in an amazing breakfast?!

Get the recipe here.

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So you can choose 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner & 1 dessert from their Keto in Five cookbooks and know you’re under your daily carb limit for the day!

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