Low Carb Gift Guide

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MCT Oil Packets // Keto in Five Ebooks // Cacao Nibs // Scale // Nespresso // Meal Prep Bag  Instant Pot // Crockpot // Kitchenaid // Spiralizer // Jerky

Starting or even maintaining a new healthy lifestyle around the holidays is hard. Like real hard. There are temptations every day from friends, family or even at the office. It is a fun time and you can indulge, but maintaining the hard work you put in all year long can be tough.

Take some stress out of the holidays and reward your favorite low carber (or yourself!) with these great gifts.


Cacao Nibs: These are so delicious and only 1 net carb! They are a superfood that boost energy and burn fat. They taste great in a ‘granola’ mix for yogurt or in smoothies.

Almond Flour // Coconut Flour: These two flours have a very small amount of net carbs are used in a lot of keto dessert recipes. They’re also a great thickening agent in stews.

Jerky: This zero sugar, zero carb jerky is super delicious, great to stick in a bag and is a great snack on the go.

MCT Oil: You won’t have to rely on sugar, soda, or shots to keep you going anymore. Get sustained, fat-burning energy that helps you keep your appetite in check.“It’s like the elixir of youth!” No more sitting at home or at the office wishing you could take a nap. You’ll have all the energy you need to stay powered all day long.

Meal Prep

Glass Containers: Let them take their meal prep up a notch with these gorgeous, snapping glass container. Keep your food portioned and ready to go!

Butcher’s Block: not your average cutting board. A butcher’s block looks gorgeous on your counter and will last you a seriously long time.

Knife Set: Love this knife set! I was tired of flimsy, dull knives so investing in a nice knife set was a great treat. The knives are sharp, easy to use & safe.

Meal Prep Bag: Pack your bag for work, the gym or your day with these awesome bags. You can also carry around protein powder, snacks & shakes!


Keto in Five – these ebooks are an instant download (if you want to make it really gift-worthy, print each book our and have them bound at Kinkos. The pictures and pages are gorgeous and make a great cookbook!) & will keep your giftee busy with 120 easy, keto low carb recipes that all have 5 ingredients and 5 carbs or less in them!

Eat Happy by Anna Vocino: 154 delicious grain-free, gluten-free recipes that are also free of any processed sugars.


Espresso Machine: perfect for a pre-workout or just to enjoy

Drip Coffeemaker: Another great choice coffee choice, and a great choice if you love bulletproof coffee! Just drip your coffee through & blend with MCT Oil!

Blender: make your smoothies, bulletproof coffee and more in a high-speed blender!

Crock Pot: Meal prep a week’s worth of lunches and dinners in a set it & forget it way! Just pop in your fave low carb recipe ingredients, set it for 4-6 hours and you’ll have a delicious hot meal, dip or dessert!

Instant Pot: Get the same flavor as a crockpot but in an hour instead of 6! Get the same tender meat and a burst of a flavor, but in a fraction of the time.

Air Fryer: I was definitely skeptical of an air fryer but after trying buffalo wings made in this one, my life was changed! So crispy and delicious, with a fraction of the fat and no deep frying! I’ve also made crispy Brussel sprouts and sweet potato fries too.

KitchenAid: these are amazing and the ultimate gift. You can get so many attachments that this machine does it all. Did you know you can also turn your KitchenAid into a spiralizer with this attachment?!

Did I miss any of your fave low carb gifts? Let me know what I should gift in the comment below!

Low Carb Gift Guide #lowcarb #giftguide #giftguide2017 #keto #whole30 #paleo #lowcarbgiftguide #ketogiftguide
Low Carb Gift Guide #lowcarb #giftguide #giftguide2017 #keto #whole30 #paleo #lowcarbgiftguide #ketogiftguide

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