How Amber Lost 45lbs with a Keto Diet!

How Amber Lost 45lbs with a Keto Diet! #keto #lowcarb #loseweightfast

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This is my weekly series “Transformation Tuesday” where I will be interviewing people who have lost weight, transformed their lifestyle or are just now maintaining a healthier life thanks to a low carb diet. If you would like to be featured please email me at to learn more.

How Amber Lost 45lbs with a Keto Diet! #keto #lowcarb #loseweightfast

This week for my Transformation Tuesday series, I talked to Amber, a woman who has beat cancer & has become even stronger.


Amber writes;
“I started keto in May 2017 and lost 45 pounds so far. I started because I heard it helps with cancer, I am a cancer survivor and had a hysterectomy because of cancer November 15, 2016.

That’s when I gain most of my weight.

I also have hypothyroidism and venous insufficiency ( which is circulation disorder where my blood does not pump properly through my legs and causes pain and swelling).


I workout along with keto about 5-6 days a week and I do weightlifting. My progress photos motivate me and how great I feel now.”

What an amazing journey Amber has been on! Show her some love in the comments below!

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