FREE Introduction To Keto Email Course (Start Losing Weight TODAY!)

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FREE course to lose those pounds by becoming a fat burning machine on the keto diet!

Lose those pounds by becoming a fat burning machine on the keto diet! Sign up for my FREE course and learn everything you need to know to get started on your keto journey today!


So you’ve decided to lose weight and get healthy, that’s great news!

But now you’re researching all the different diets out there and the overwhelm is kicking in.

You need a diet that’s sustainable, that works and that’s yummy (after all life is for living).

Or perhaps you’ve already heard of the keto diet but just don’t know where to begin!

Whichever scenario describes you I’ve got the solution, in the form of my 6-day FREE Introduction To Keto email course!

Become a fat burning machine!

I lost 65lbs by going on a keto diet and I’ve kept that weight off for over six years!

I’m Lauren, I’m 33 years old and had struggled with my weight my whole life, until I discovered low-carb and keto. Now I want to help you become healthy and happy by following this delicious way of eating.

So sign up below to learn everything you need to know to get started on the keto diet and transform your life today!











FREE Introduction to Keto

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    14 thoughts on “FREE Introduction To Keto Email Course (Start Losing Weight TODAY!)

    1. Hi Lauren! Thank you for your website!!! I’m just getting started on Keto. I’m using My Fitness Pal to track my food, but I have a question for you. MFP shows carbs, but not net carbs, right? I’m noticing a lot of Keto-OK veggies are high carb. Am I supposed to be subtracting fiber to get net carbs for tracking my food intake? And that would mean I need to track it elsewhere too since I don’t see net carbs tracked in MFP?

      1. Hi Beth, when you are in your food dairy on MFP, click the settings tab. There you ca change what you are tracking – you can now add fiber in to track and move it right next to your carbs for easy subtraction! Another good app for tracking net carbs is Carbmanager

    2. Hi Lauren I’m glad I came across your information!! I’ve heard about Keto just like everyone else and I’ve been reading researching etc. Overwhelming !! Haven’t really started yet but feel like I can after ready your stuff. Thank you

    3. Hey Lauren, I am so glad I have stumbled on your AD, I have been trying to lose weight on Keto for a some time now. I;ve had some success, but lately not is happening and I’m getting bored. I hope you can help me get back on the right track. I see a lot of sites about helping and get excited, but then they show you the charges, I m so glad that you are offering FREE Help. Thank you. Im ready to be a fat burning machine.

      1. Hi Terry, that will definitely break a fast! During your fasting window, you should consume less than 50 calories

    4. hi, lauren, im starting keto tomorrow, my only confusion is the carb -net carb thing!! Im following the carb amounts on the back of the packaging so should I be eating 20-25 carbs? One package said 4 net carbs but when i looked at the actual carb amount is was 19 carbs!!

      1. It’s totally up to you! If you want to be super strict, count total carbs. If you want more leeway, get your fiber in with net carbs.

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