The Keto Protein Shake Making My Hair Grow Like Crazy

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The Protein Shake Making My Hair Grow Like Crazy #keto #ketoshake #ketodinner #proteinshake
I’ve typically had very healthy hair my whole life, but it is thin and fine. Which has always been annoying to me – I want the full, shampoo commercial thick hair-flip hair!

Much to my surprise during a visit to the salon for a cut my stylist asked out of nowhere if I had been taking any supplements for hair growth. I haven’t and she said it looked like my roots that had been growing for the past four months looked a lot thicker than the rest of my hair AND I had a bunch of new hairs coming in that looked to be about 4 months old as well. I wracked my brain and realized I have been drinking my collagen protein shake once to twice a day every day for the past 4 months! I was floored!

I had noticed my hair thickening and a bunch of baby hair (fly aways) that had popped up. I also noticed that my hair seemed stronger and my split ends were almost non existent. I thought I was just seeing what I wanted to see but when someone else (a hair professional!) confirmed it, I was so excited.

I have told this story to a couple of people and they instantly ask me for the recipe which I why I thought I’d share here as well! Although I can’t promise you will have the same results I think it is a great probability that you will have the same luck that I’ve had!

There are reasons that I originally starting using the mixture that I do. I have arthritis in my knees so I am always on the lookout for how to keep inflammation down. I first started to drink the shake for that but realized how many benefits all these ingredients really have! I fill up two ProStak containers with the shake mixture and toss in my purse so I always have a shake on me (thats how easily it mixes with water!).

Vega Sport: I wanted a protein shake that was high in protein, did not have dairy (to keep this shake as anti-inflammatory as possible), and did not have artificial sweeteners because the taste of those sweeteners always grosses me out. Vega Sport hit on all of those musts for me and has a really great earthy taste which I LOVE!

Sport Research Collagen Peptides: I have tried just about every collagen peptide powder out there. I tried the trendy ones that are Instagram worthy and just about every other one I can get my hands on. I settled on Sport Research for a few reasons. They are the most reasonably priced, their packaging is great (you can get different sized tubs and individually packed servings), and the powder dissolves perfectly in any liquid (which was not true in many of the brands I’ve tried).

The Protein Shake Making My Hair Grow Like Crazy #keto #ketoshake #ketodinner #proteinshake
Golden Turmeric: I have issues with inflammation and am always looking for ways to alleviate it. Also, inflammation of the scalp is real, annoying and makes growing your hair even harder–when you have scalp inflammation it can actually cause your hair to fall out! This golden turmeric has no added fillers or sweeteners and also contains ginger and cinnamon which are also great at fighting inflammation.

Chia Seeds: These little seeds are great to add to about anything. They help to clean out your colon, reduce inflammation, contain fiber, reduce cholesterol and more! I add chia seeds to just about anything so it’s natural they made it into my daily shake!

Hemp Hearts: Like chia seeds, I love to add hemp hearts to everything I’m eating. In addition to aiding in digestion, hemp hearts also work to maintain joint and have 17+ grams of omega fats which provide continuous energy throughout your day. They work well in chia puddings, on salads, in dressings, baked goods and of course my shake!

Collagen Protein Shake

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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1 scoop Vega Sport Vanilla Protein Powder
1 scoop Sport Research Collagen Peptides
1 tsp Golden Turmeric
2 tsp chia seeds
2 tsp hemp hearts
16 ounces water, unsweetened coconut milk or unsweetened nut milk

Mix everything together and add an 16 ounces of liquid and give a good shake (I always use my Blender Bottle so there will be no lumps). I usually mix with water, unsweetened nut milk or unsweetened coconut milk.

Pro tip: add a little fat like ghee or coconut cream to your shake; the added fats make your body absorb the turmeric a little easier!

The Protein ShakThe Protein Shake Making My Hair Grow Like Crazy #keto #ketoshake #ketodinner #proteinshake #collagen #ghee #turmeric #goldenturmerice Making My Hair Grow Like Crazy #keto #ketoshake #ketodinner #proteinshake

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