Can You Still Do Keto As a Vegan?

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I’m not going to lie, when I first heard about keto vegans I thought that was about as likely as me giving up chocolate.

Basically not even remotely possible.
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But it turns out I was wrong, you totally can be a keto vegan!

In fact, you can be a very healthy, fat burning machine of a keto vegan… and I learned all about this particular way of eating from my friend Liz, over at Meat Free Keto.

So how do you do it? I mean bet most of you get the majority of your calories and macros from sources like bacon, eggs, and butter. I certainly use to!

Seriously, how can you be a keto vegan?

1 – Nuts and seeds are your best friend.

That jar of almond butter you can’t put down, well it’s actually full of protein and fats and will be perfect for helping you hit your macro goals!

In fact, any nut and seed is normally pretty low carb, but high in proteins and fats, perfect for the keto vegan. My favorites two favorites are hemp hearts and chia seeds, both have 0 net carbs and are packed with healthy fats and protein!

2 – Be prepared to adjust your macros.

In an ideal world, we would all be eating 20g of carbs per day, but as a keto vegan, you may need to push that up to 30g because all plants have a little bit of carb in them. But when you incorporate more plants into your diet, you are adding in much-needed fiber, something a lot of keto-ers don’t get enough of!

More fiber helps you stay fuller longer and helps your digestive system which will make you feel great and more energetic!

3 – Don’t skimp on the fats and oils.

Having a salad? Don’t forget a healthy drizzle of olive oil, hemp hearts, and fresh herbs to make your salad super filling and super delicious!

Coffee time? Plop a dollop of coconut oil in there for the perfect BPC.

Meal prepping a ton of veggies? Sauté them in good quality oil for extra taste and extra fat.

Add avocado to your meals or shakes for added fat and fiber.

Basically, any time you’re eating or drinking, ask yourself, can I add some healthy fats to this meal? This way you’ll stay fuller longer and the pounds will still drop off!

4 – Stick to whole foods.

There are plenty of vegan foods that are delicious and keto friendly (I’ve named a few already!). Avocado, chia seeds, almonds, hemp hearts, flax seeds, cauliflower creations, unsweetened nut milk – the list goes on!

When looking into vegan prepared foods, definitely check the labels and ingredients as you would for non-vegan foods – hidden carbs and terrible ingredients can still sneak in!


5 – But protein powder can be a life savior.

I’m big on protein shakes. I think they taste great and are the perfect vehicle for adding extra protein and extra fat into your diet without worrying about a ton of carbs. My favorite protein shake recipe, that has actually help my hair to grow like crazy (seriously!), can be found here. Just a couple of ingredients and you have a delicious, keto shake that might help your skin, hair, and nails and is perfect for your diet!

All these tips are pretty basic, but I bet you can see that being a keto vegan is totally possible!

If this is something you would like to learn more about then the absolute best resource on the web for keto vegans is THIS EBOOK. Plus it’s a steal at only $12.00!

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