Top 5 Keto Mistakes Stopping YOU From Losing Weight

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I hear that question a. lot.
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On the blog, in my Facebook group and even in real life!

The thing is no matter how many people I talk it nearly always seems to be one of the following five mistakes they’re doing that’s stopping them from shedding the pounds.

So I figured I would share those mistakes with you so we can stop the mistakes from ever happening in the first place!

Sound good ?

Mistake 1 – Not Tracking Accurately

The keto diet relies on you eating the correct macros. You need to eat the right amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates to enter ketosis and for the keto diet to actually work.

It’s a little bit like the science experiments we all use to do in school. You had to add that much of this, and a certain amount of that to get the result you needed. Otherwise nada (although the movies would have you believe every science experiment gone wrong results in an explosion, but we all know that in real life it’s more like a lack of explosion!)

So if you aren’t tracking your macros accurately you won’t get results because who knows what you’re adding or missing!

Seriously anything that enters your mouth needs to be tracked!

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Mistake 2 – Not Eating Enough

I know this sounds counterintuitive but whenever people go on a diet they seem to think that the less they eat the better their weight loss will be.

Well that’s just not the case.

I mean it will be to start with, but your body will quickly adapt to the lower number of calories and massively slow down your weight loss; it will enter that dreaded term, starvation mode.

This will then mean you have to eat even less to lose weight, and then less again!

Eventually you will end up so hungry that you binge on everything in sight, keto or not keto.

Or it will get to the point where you cannot physically eat that little amount each day to function and your weight loss will completely stall or you will even gain weight!

Seriously, eat your macros! Every single one!

Mistake 3 – Not Working Out

Okay, technically you don’t need to workout to lose weight on the keto diet.

But it’s a bit like washing your clothes without laundry soap, your clothes will be cleaner but they would be much, much cleaner if you had used the soap as well!

Working out can really skyrocket your weight loss and make you feel and look better, so whilst not working out won’t actually stop you from losing weight, it will massively slow down your results!

Mistake 4 – Not Looking After Yourself

You know what’s bad for weight loss and stops it in it’s tracks?

Too much stress and not enough sleep.

If you want to lose weight you need to look after yourself. No ifs, no buts.

A lack of sleep and lots of stress triggers the hormone cortisol, which actually causes you to hang onto body fat.

So get that shut eye and try some meditation!

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Mistake 5 – Trying To Be Perfect

This is more aimed at the people who ask me “how do I stick to keto” rather than the ones who can’t figure out why they aren’t losing weight.

You see perfect does not exist. I aim for consistency instead.

By trying to be perfect, when you inevitably fall off the keto wagon you will beat yourself up about it, think your diet is ruined and most likely binge on all the foods.

When you aim for consistency instead, if you fall off the keto wagon you know that you just need to eat keto as soon as possible. You move on from your mistake.

So the person aiming for consistency actually spends a lot more time in ketosis than the person aiming for perfection!

I super hope knowing these classic keto mistakes helps you avoid them in the future!
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