Why You Need to Track Your Progress on the Keto Diet

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Today I want to talk to you about progress.

Or, more importantly, tracking your progress.

You see losing weight and getting healthy is a long and hard journey.

You and I both know that.

We see those amazing before and after pics and forget (sometimes conveniently on purpose) that it might have taken one, two or even three years for the person to reach that point.

A before and after picture makes something incredibly difficult look incredibly easy.

And when we constantly see those amazing results, or just thanks to the willpower and effort this journey requires, its easy to become demotivated ourselves.

We compare our chapter three, with someone else book two, chapter seventy nine(!) and get disheartened wondering why we aren’t there yet.


You must stop comparing your progress with other’s progress.

  • Their genetics are not your genetics.
  • Their body isn’t your body.
  • Their life is not your life.

Most importantly, their journey is different to yours.

It might be longer, shorter, easier or harder. Either way they are incomparable.

Which is why you must track your own progress. 

The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself.

The only progress you should be comparing yourself against is your own.

So what is the best way to track your progress?

Honestly, there is no “best way” because the best way is as many ways as possible.

  • Keep a record of your changing weight
  • Take measurements because weight isn’t always a good indication of fat loss
  • Taking progress pictures is another fantastic, visual way of keeping track
  • Plus don’t forget the non-scale victories. You could keep a notebook and when something awesome happens, like fitting into those jeans or being able to run 5 miles, note it down with the date and how you felt.

Then next time you are feeling disheartened or demotivated look back on all the incredible and amazing progress you’ve made so far.

See just how far you’ve come.

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