A Keto Friendly Christmas! ☃️🎄❄

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A keto friendly Christmas! ☃️🎄❄(1)

Last week, I wrote about how overwhelming Christmas can be.

Particularly when you’re on a diet…

I explained that we often feel like so stressed trying to stick to keto that we end up bingeing on every food in sight.

OR we just decide that there is no point even trying, that we’re going to put on weight so why not just eat everything…

However today I wanted to talk you through a keto friendly Christmas dinner, because actually it’s pretty darn easy! 🙌

I always think it’s best to keep things super simple, so I don’t want to give you a thousand different recipes that you have to master.

Instead I want to show you a few easy swaps that can make your Christmas dinner keto friendly without loads of faff!

🍴So let’s start with appetizers!

Not everyone has appetizers before dinner, but if you are a family that do then a really simple but also yummy option is cheese cubes and olives.

This can be made super fancy with some expensive cheese and interesting flavoured olives, or you can do this really well on a budget.

Another great appetizer (that’s actually my absolute favorite appetizer of all time) is smoked salmon blinis, but instead of using actual blinis just use cucumber slices. Still super delish, but also nice and light before a HUGE Christmas dinner!


🍴Now onto the main course!

Most of the main course is actually pretty keto friendly!

You have your meat of choice; turkey, ham, beef (or maybe even all three!) Then you have your veg. That’s stuffs all good!

(Sidenote, I love cooking my brussel sprouts with bacon, it just makes them so tasty. Thought you might like to give that a try!)

But then mash potato or mac and cheese is also a pretty major side dish in some households and these are obviously not keto…

However, a great alternative is using cauliflower instead as the potatoes or pasta, depending on what dish you are making.

If it’s mash you’re doing then just boil up the cauliflower until it’s nice and soft and then mash it like you would potatoes. Don’t forget to add plenty of cheese and butter!

And if it’s mac and cheese you’re making then again just use chunks of cauliflower literally in place of the pasta. Soooo easy!


🍴But how about dessert?

I’m not going to lie, dessert is when it gets a little more tricky as there is very few Christmas day desserts that you can easily make keto friendly.

So this is the place where I would advise you to grab a recipe to follow!

This recipe book is my go to for delicious but super easy desserts as each one only has a max of five ingredients!!!

That’s my kind of cooking!

Check out the recipe book here!

🍷 Last but not least, alcohol.

I think we all know that for maximum weight loss no alcohol is the best option.

But let’s be real here, it’s Christmas and if you can’t have a drink on Christmas day when can you?!?

So I would advise you to check out my guide on which alcohol is most keto friendly, you can read it here!

Have a very Merry Christmas ! ☃️🎄❄️

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