The Ultimate Keto Weight Loss Action Plan

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Welcome to part two in this mini series helping you lay the foundations to making your health and weight loss goals your reality this year.

Just to recap, in last week’s post I helped you create your why; the secret weapon to ensuring that that new year “anything’s possible” motivation sticks with you.

In part two, I’m going to help you create a plan of action to make reaching your weight loss goals as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Ready to make stuff happen in 2019? YASSSS! Then let’s go with part two!!! 😎

You don’t need more goals, you need an action plan!

I’m going to be honestly with you, I really don’t love setting goals.

Especially ones like “lose ten pounds by April”.

A controversial opinion, I know.

But here’s the thing, it’s all very well me saying my goal is to lose ten pounds, but that tells me nothing about what I need to do to reach that goal.

So I prefer an action plan instead. And I let my goals be those actions.

Let’s take that lose ten pound goal and turn it into an action plan!

First off, what do you need to do to lose those ten pounds?

  • Stick to keto

Okay that was pretty obvious, but we need to go a few levels down with this.

In order to stick to the keto diet what do you actually need to do? What actions must you take every week to ensure that happens?

You might have to:

  • Meal plan healthy keto dinners
  • Go grocery shopping with a keto friendly grocery list
  • Stock up on keto snacks for when you get the nibbles
  • Research some new keto recipes so you don’t get bored of your new way of eating
  • Meal prep your breakfast and lunch to make sure you don’t skip out on those important meals

Now you need to convert those actions into an action plan.

Check out the example below and see how I’ve added dates and timings to make it super clear when and how I’m going to execute my action plan.

Lose ten pounds action plan:

1 – On Sundays I will spend half an hour researching new keto recipes for the week ahead.

2 – On Monday mornings, before work while I’m eating breakfast, I will plan out my meals for the next week using the recipes I found last night.

3 – Once I have written out my meal plan I will also write a grocery list with all the ingredients I need and a list of keto friendly snacks I can grab if I get the nibbles.

4 – After work on Monday, I will go grocery shopping and only buy the items on my grocery list.

5 – Once I’ve had dinner on Monday, I will meal prep the next seven days breakfasts and lunches to ensure I always have a keto option for those meals.

See how that action plan is far more valuable that a goal of losing ten pounds…

I mean if you complete those actions you should reach that goal. No questions asked.

But by making those actions the goal you become laser focused on what you need to do AND you get that rush of goal completion when you put the work in. And tying actual action with that feeling propels you on to even more action!

It’s a win, win, win situation!

Now go make your action plan for 2019, and let’s ace this year together!

Lauren 🙂

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