Does Dirty Or Lazy Keto Work?

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Have you ever hear of dirty or lazy keto?
It’s the latest thing on the keto block so I thought I better do some research and get to grips with this new trend, so I could tell you all about it and whether it’s something YOU should be doing…
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So what is dirty or lazy keto?
The standard keto diet recommends an ideal macronutrient balance (somewhere around 60 – 75% fat, 15 – 30% protein and 5 – 10% carbs) and you sticking to whole foods as much as possible.

Maybe there’s a bit of stevia here and there to sweeten that bulletproof coffee, but what is generally promoted is a diet full of high quality fats, proteins and vegetables within your personal macronutrient amounts.

Lazy keto takes those ideal macronutrients and throws the fats and proteins out the window. No need to track anything but your carbs as they say that as long as you keep under 20g of carbs per day you’re all good.

While dirty keto is when you eat whatever you want as long as you stay under your 20g per of carbs. So artificial sweeteners are a-okay, stock the fridge with sugar free sodas, heck they even eat traditional carbs like bread or sugar as long as they’re under their 20g carb limit.

Is dirty or lazy keto good or bad?
First off, no food is good or bad. It’s just food; fuel for your body. But obviously eating a dieting that is lower in nutrients will likely make your body not feel so great.

So I would imagine that if you only ate junk food and diet soda day in day out, but stuck to dirty, lazy keto you wouldn’t be feeling amazing. You would probably lose weight, but if you don’t feel good then what’s the point? I mean weight loss isn’t everything.

So I shouldn’t do dirty or lazy keto….
Well here’s the thing, if we could all eat perfectly 100% of the time then I’m sure none of us would have started this weight loss and health journey in the first place.

If you had looked incredible and felt healthy as, would you have started keto? Probably not… So I don’t think you should or shouldn’t do lazy or dirty keto. Nor do I think you should or shouldn’t do strict keto.

Confusing much!

I think we can all agree that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next. But the most important thing is to listen to your body.

Do you feel good? Do these foods make you feel good? And, are you satisfied and happy?

If the answer is yes then just keep on doing you, because at the end of the day your body will tell YOU what it needs.

Some days that will be diet soda and dirty, lazy keto, other days it will be strict keto full of whole foods topping those nutrients up. In fact it might even change hour to hour.

And that is normal. Our bodies are made to experience variety and our minds certainly need it. The world will not end of you have a diet soda once in a while, just make sure what you’re eating and drinking makes you feel good.

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