How to Have a Social Life on Keto

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When I started keto I had a pretty major fear.

That I would go to someone’s house, event or whatever, food would be put in front of
me and I would have to say those fateful words.
“Sorry I can’t eat that.”
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And that situation struck fear into my heart for two reasons:

One – I hated the idea of putting someone out, I’m a people pleaser at heart and
saying that does not please people…

Two – Then someone inevitably will ask why and I would have to explain that I’m
following the keto diet.

This in itself is not so bad, but my fear would be that I would fail, that the next time I
saw these people I wouldn’t have lost weight and my “demanding” of other food was
all for nothing. A fad diet that I couldn’t stick to.

The idea of this cringed me out more than you can imagine. Or maybe you can
imagine because you feel exactly the same way.

And really this goes right back to how we feel about ourselves.

If you knew you wouldn’t and couldn’t fail the keto diet, that reaching your
health and weight loss goals were inevitable, would you have a problem
saying “sorry I can’t eat that”?

I bet your gut instinct is a massive no.

I mean apart from not wanting someone to go to the trouble of making you different
food, why would you be scared to say that if you knew you could do it and succeed.

You wouldn’t be!

But here we come to the next major point. If this is currently the way you are feeling
then I don’t think you believe you can hit your health and weight loss goals.

You don’t have faith in yourself.

When I use to be scared to say those words, deep down I didn’t actually believe that I
could change. I didn’t believe that I could stick to keto and lose the weight. I didn’t
believe that keto would work for me.

But I tried, and I kept on trying and I started to see results. I read more and more
keto success stories, and I kept trying and I saw more results.

I didn’t start with having faith in myself, I didn’t start believing that I could win at
keto. But the more I tried the more it seemed possible.

I find this quote particularly relevant…
“The harder I work, the more luck I have.”

Because the harder I tried, the more results I saw and the more I believed that I
could do it.

And that cycle just keeps going round and round until you’re so convinced of your
own success there is no way you can fail, and you know what, you won’t!

So keep trying, just keep going and one day you won’t even need to say those words
because people will know you as the keto success story.
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