Traveling while Keto…Is It Possible??? ✈🚉🚙

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Let’s talk traveling while Keto.

I used to get so nervous when traveling because of the regulations of what you can bring on a plane, most of my keto foods needing to be refrigerated and having enough space for all my containers.

But never fear because I’ve figured out the best way to eat and snack while traveling and I’m going to give you my fave tips.


This sounds so simple but is SO IMPORTANT! It is tempting to sip on sodas and soft drinks while traveling but getting enough water is so crucial. Traveling dehydrates, especially when flying, so make sure to up your water intake! I bring my HydroFlask water bottle with me EVERYWHERE and am constantly filling up throughout my day, usually to 3 liters a day!

Water keeps you hydrated, keeps your digestion in check and helps you stay resistant to germs. So keep sipping!

Pre-pack Snacks
I am the snack queen. My friends and coworkers know that if they are looking for a healthy snack, come and find me and I will always have something on hand in my bag. When I first started keto, I thought I had to prep meals and snacks for hours and even then, I needed a refrigerator to store them in. Then I wised up! I found perfectly keto snacks:

  • Flavored, roasted almonds – these bad boys are so delicious, come in a variety of veto-approved flavors AND are offered in individual snack sizes ENSURING you don’t go bananas and overeat them. Find them here.
  • 0 Net Carb Crackers – these crackers are good and are the perfect thing to keep in your bag. I always keep a bag with me (I keep them in a sealable baggie since their packaging is =n’t resealable) and snack on them while I’m on the go. They also go perfectly when you can buy some cheese or hard-boiled eggs from a convenience store! Find them here.
  • Chocolate Nut Keto Bark – this chocolate is so yummy and comes individually wrapped for auto-self control 😉 I love keeping one or two with me when I’m traveling so I won’t succumb to my sweet tooth & is actually filling! Find them here.
  • Moon Cheese – sometimes you just need something a little cheesy! I LOVE Moon Cheese – it has 0 net carbs, protein, is in a super convenient package, and has SO MANY tasty flavors making it the perfect traveling snack. Find them here.

Fast food is possible on keto!
Confession, I eat fast food. And I like it…a lot! Lol it’s just so convenient!

Again, when I first started keto I thought there was no way fast food could ever be keto friendly, but boy was I wrong.

My friend Ryan has dedicated a serious amount of time to figure out over 200 different keto options from the top 25 fast food chains, and then he wrote a handy e-book listing them out!

I like to keep a copy on my phone at all times so I always have fast food as an option to fall back on.

Check out his story and ebook here!

This is such a big one and probably my best tip.

Constantly worrying there might be a tiny bit of flour used to thicken my sauce or that a carb had somehow sneaked onto my plate gave me so. much. stress.

And you know what stress does, it causes weight loss to stop or even weight gain!

By just chilling out and accepting that maybe my carbs would be a tiny bit higher than I wanted that day I was able to enjoy my food WITHOUT the weight loss stalling effects of stress.

Sure maybe I would be out of ketosis for a couple of hours, but as long as my next meal was strictly keto I would just slide straight back into fat burning mode again.

So don’t worry about a little carb catching you out!

I really hope these tips give you the confidence to travel and live your life, because keto should be fun and yummy.

And ultimately you won’t stick to keto if you don’t enjoy it!

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