Keto During The Summer, Can It Work?

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So summer is officially here!

While I love the sun and the fun socializing that summer brings, what I don’t love is the potential weight gain…

It’s just a little too easy to start enjoying summer and forget all about your weight and health goals, particularly when those BBQs come out.

But the great thing about the keto diet is it’s so delicious that with a tiny bit of pre-planning you can stick to your diet during all the fun times without feeling like you’re missing out.

Tips to Stay on Track During Summer

1. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is always important but even more so during the summer months. In addition to feeling sick, dehydration and lack of electrolytes can cause extra strong cravings and hunger pains. My goal for water intake is always half my body weight in ounces throughout the day.

For example, if you are 160lbs, you’ll need at least 80 Oz of water throughout day (I say at least because if you drink any caffeinated or alcoholic drinks, you’ll need to up your water intake). That is about 10 large glasses throughout the day, I love using a refillable water bottle with numbers on the side so I know how much I’m drinking.

If you do feel like you need an extra boost in your water, I always like to add a pinch of my favorite superfood, Pink Salt. Pink salt helps balance your body’s pH levels, replenishes electrolytes and acts a natural digestive aid. In addition to my water, I add to all of my food for that extra boost!

Also feel free to add decaf teas, lemon slices, chlorophyll (helps with keto breath), or go for sparkling water.

2. Workout

The summer is the perfect time to start up a workout routine. It’s beautiful out, so take your fitness outside! Walk, run, bike or swim – any activity that gets your heart beating and works up a sweat is great.

My personal favorite exercise is HIIT. You can get an amazing workout done in as little as 15 minutes!

3. Be Prepared

Like I said earlier, summer is the time for socializing and parties. This does not mean in order to stay Keto, you’ll need to limit the fun. If you are hosting, make your party Keto central! Grill up some veggies, get a cauliflower potato salad going and grill up your favorite meats.

I have some recipes here for a Keto BBQ!

4. If You Cheat

If you eat something non-keto it is not the end of the world. Trust me, it happens. But what you need to do is to not panic or wallow, just do better the next day! Drink water and get right back into the keto lifestyle – one cheat will not break all your progress. Just don’t let that one cheat turn into s full summer of cheats!

5. Sweets and Drinks That Feel Like Cheating

Summer always makes me want a sweet treat and iced drinks but those are always filled with sugar. So the solution is to make your own! It might take a few more minutes, but it will be cheaper and a lot more keto friendly in the long run! Check out a few of my faves here:

Skinny chocolate frosty protein shake

Skinny matcha vanilla iced latte 

Rocky road keto fat bombs

Chocolate chip cookie dough ket fat bomb

As you can see sticking to the keto diet does not have to impact your summer plans or stop you from doing anything, in fact, it might make your summer even more delicious because, in my opinion, keto recipes are always yummier than their traditional counterparts!

I hope those recipes help YOU stick to your keto diet this summer!

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