Amazon Prime Day Deals: What Every Keto-er Needs in Their Cart!

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When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?
Prime Day kicks off at midnight PT on Tuesday, October 13 and runs through Wednesday, October 14, for Prime members.

Who Can Shop?
Amazon Prime Day is a perk exclusively for Prime members. If you’re looking to shop Prime Day deals and don’t have a membership, definitely signup for a free 30-day trial here ASAP, so you can access the exclusive event for free.

Support Small Businesses!
I love supporting small businesses whenever possible and to be able to do that during Prime Day is amazing.Prime members can shop deals featured in the Support Small storefront, Amazon Handmade and Amazon Launchpad.

An interesting fact I learned while researching all the best deals this year is that more than half of the items sold on Amazon are from mostly small and medium-sized businesses, and last Prime Day, these sellers surpassed $2 billion in sales.

And as an added bonus for shopping small, Amazon is offering a $10 credit to use on Prime Day to members who spend $10 on items sold by select small businesses in Amazon’s store. Visit the link here to learn more about it and to start shopping!

My Picks
If you have read some of my other posts, you know I am an Amazon addict so I have been scouring the site for the best deals for you guys. I’ve added my favorites below – let me know if I missed out on a good deal in the comments below!

  1. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my obsession with my Nespresso Vertuo machine (and my excess buy of all their pumpkin spice cups). I actually bought my Nespresso machine from Amazon because of the deal I got during last year’s Prime Day – the machine came with an aerator so I can foam up cream to put in my coffee and was 30% off. This year the deal is even better with 41% off the Nespresso machine! ProTip: I bought my machine from Amazon, but it makes more sense to purchase the coffee pods from Nespresso’s website (and it still ships in just a couple of days!).

    Get your Nespresso here.
  2. Is it me, or is it easier drinking all your water if you are drinking it out of something pretty? I love these ombre water bottles that are not only gorgeous but keep me honest with my refilling time. I usually refill mine 3 times a day!

    Get you ombre water bottle here.
  3. I have been stalking the InstantPot with Airfryer lid price an Amazon waiting for the moment that it would hit a sale price. And boy it has come! This gadget seriously does it all. Now with the air fryer lid, the InstantPot air fries (obviously lol), pressure cooks, sautés, steams, slow cooks, sous vides, warms, roasts, bakes, broil and dehydrates. I mean, come on! I literally just ordered this during the Prime Day sale, and I am so excited for it to arrive – expect A LOT of healthy recipes to be filling the blog very soon!

    Get your InstantPot with AirFryer lid here.
  4. I use my blender everyday. I make smoothies, nut butters, juices, and more but I hate when I want one serving of something to dirty up the huge blender. I love this Ninja blender because it comes with small, to go cups that you can blend right in with the full power of the blender! This feature is amazing because I know what I’m blending is one serving and I only have to wash one thing.

    Get your Ninja here.
  5. Working out at home has been a total game changer for me. After saving up for a year, I bought a Peloton in March and it has been so incredible! (add me on the leaderboard: robolikes) Recently, Peloton added classes that used resistance bands and these classes are so good! Andy & Hannah teach them and they are so good and leave you feeling sore. These bands are my favorite because they are much more budget friendly and are so easy to use. I use them whenever I need extra strength workouts added to my bike riding!

    Get your resistance bands here.
  6. Also recently added on the Peloton app are barre classes! These classes are also with Hannah and OMG let me tell you they are so tough! I love adding Bala weights to my wrists and ankles to make the moves even more challenging. These weights are also great to add an arm workout while walking too! I also love a great product that was also a contestant on SharkTank but that’s just a fun factoid for me ;D

    Get your Bala weights here.
  7. I love these workout pants. They are super high waisted & have 3 pockets! They are also super breathable & always stay put during my workouts filled with pilates ab workouts, barre squats, power walks, and spin classes. They also come in a ton of awesome color and lengths and are beyond affordable.

    Get your leggings here.
  8. I am an avid meal prepper. I actually really enjoy taking a few hours on a Sunday and cooking up a storm – it’s almost like meditating to me! I love these containers to keep all of my prepped food fresh throughout the week. They are airtight and have never had one of them stain even with soups and sauces.

    Get your containers here.
  9. I love walking. I personally feel it has been instrumental in the positive changes in my body and mind. But it’s not always feasible to get in the amount of steps I want daily. Which lead me to research treadmills. Now, I live in a tiny apartment in New York City so the tread needed to be compact and hopefully something I could shove underneath my bed when necessary. Enter this little folding miracle from GoPlus! This treadmill is exactly what I wanted – it’s small and lets me get in all my steps. It should be noted that I only power walk on it and do not run so definitely look into it more if you are a runner!

    Get your treadmill here.
  10. I eat lots of salads, but get tired of making them, cutting up all the stuff, etc. Enter my new favorite kitchen tool, OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper & Bowl! With this, I just throw everything in the bowl and in only a few seconds it’s a salad!

    Get your salad chopper bowl here.

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Let me know what you get or if you end up getting any of my favorites below!

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