28-Day Keto Slimdown

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What’s included?

As soon as you join the 28-Day Keto Slim Down, you’ll download an ebook full of information. It’ll include:

  • 28 Days of meal plans

  • 28 Days of grocery lists

  • Simple Swaps for recipes

  • Snacks & Sweets List

  • Private Facebook Group For Additional Accountability

  • Happy Hour Survival Guide

  • Food Journals

  • Intermittent Fasting 101

  • And so much more!

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What They’re Saying

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What kind of recipes are provided?

The sample meal plans provide anti-inflammatory food choices and recipes. Inflammation in the body can cause bloating and weight gain, so I think it’s best to cut down on inflammatory foods like dairy.

If you want to add dairy back into the recipes (milk instead of coconut milk or even a sprinkle of cheese) go ahead! As long as you do not veer off the original recipes too much, you should be good.

These recipes have a lot of fish, can I swap?

Fish is also a great anti-inflammatory ingredient and I think it lends itself well to keto. If fish is not your thing, each recipe can easily be swapped out with chicken, steak, tofu, or your favorite protein.

There’s a lot of avocado in the recipes, can I swap?

Avocado is awesome because they are high in healthy fats, fiber and low in carbs. But you can totally swap! Depending on the recipe, you can swap with cottage cheese, ricotta, nut butters, or edamame.

I like one of the week’s meals best – can I just keep eating those?

Of course! All the recipes are keto friendly and can easily be swapped and substituted over another recipe.

I’ve eaten all my food for the day but am still hungry – can I eat something?

Of course! This is not a starvation diet or a meal plan you need to follow to a T. If you are hungry, eat a portioned snack like olives, hardboiled eggs, nuts, shake, etc.

Why do some of the recipes repeat in the sample meal plans?

Creating a new recipe for every meal is tiring and for a lot of us, not realistic. The sample meal plans are built to create recipes that you can either meal prep over the weekend or double batch and save for your next meal. If you repeat meals are not your thing, feel free to swap your fave recipes in place of a leftover.

These meal plans are to be used as a guide. Nothing is set in stone. Listen to your body and eat what you like, you shouldn’t be suffering through these 28 days!

Can I sample a day in the plan without paying first?

Sure thing! I’ve created a super simple one day meal plan with recipes, macros and a shopping list so you can see what the plan is all about. Click here to get a free sample day at no charge!

Or click to get your copy now!


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  1. I just tried the Mediterranean fish recipe in the book – it was soo good! Looking forward to making the rest!

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