11 Seriously Gorgeous (& Seriously Inspirational) Home Offices

Adding a small home office in the bedroom of my apartment is my current dream. A desk area for writing, blogging, taking photos and to just have  space to call my own is what I seriously need right now. 

Looking through pages and pages of desks, pretty organizational bowls, & pretty accents is fun but overwhelming. 

So, of course, I took to Pinterest to find some inspiration. And I have found some SERIOUS inspo! Take a look at my top 11 inspiration home office finds. 

1. Pegboard storage for the win! This crafter’s dream office utilizes the small space wisely with upward storage and decoration. Check out all the details here.

11 Tiny Herb Gardens You’ll Love for Your Small Space

I love cooking with free herbs. Nothing beats the smell of fresh rosemary being baked or fresh basil being cut into salads. I find it hard to buy an appropriate amount of fresh herbs from the grocery store or market since you need to purchase a large bundle even when you may only need a few sprigs.

Enter tiny herb gardens! I love the variety home herb gardens can give you in the spice department and the ease in which you can cut just the right amount needed. I’ve found the cutest gardens to buy or to get some serious herb-spiration!