6 Months With Peloton: My Favorite Rides and Recommendations (Plus, Workout Schedule)

Out of everything I own, me Peloton is my favorite (and most expensive) purchase. I dedicated a year of my life to saving up for the bike and have not regretted it for a single day.

The only con of the Peloton is my inability to stop talking it about! I love telling people about the amazing instructors, rides that made me cry (in a good way), and how my fitness level has never been higher.

Not mention that I love all aspects of the app, not just the bike. After 6 months I am 296 classes in and I haven’t found a class I didn’t enjoy. I love taking my favorite instructors on long walks, try a new power yoga flow, try a sleep meditation, or even try a barre class.

So now that you know that I love talking about Peloton, let’s dive into my favorite rides and workout recommendations. If you aren’t interested in purchasing a bike or a tread, the Peloton app is still absolutely worth the $12.99 monthly fee. The app comes with all the same classes as the bike like barre, running, stretching, yoga, strength, meditation and more. Like I said above, I love using the app regularly for walking and meditations.

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My Favorite Peloton Must-Haves

When I ordered my Peloton, I actually went to Amazon to buy new pedals. Now, there is nothing wrong with Peloton’s pedals, but I knew I wanted SPD clips for my spin shoes that I already owned plus I knew I wanted pedals that had cages on them so my boyfriend and friends could use the bike without commenting to buying shoes.

  • Venzo Fitness SPD Pedals with Toe Clips & Cleats – These pedals are perfect. I had the Peloton delivery guys install them for me (took 2 minutes) and the cages work perfectly. Plus, the clips that many seem to struggle with are easy to clip in and out of. You can get the ones I have here.
  • Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat – Even though I just bought an expensive bike, I still want to save money where possible 😀 Instead of getting the Peloton bike mat, I ordered a similar, heavy duty mat from Amazon for a fraction of the price. You can get the one I have here.
  • Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights – Speaking of me being cheap with certain things, the Peloton weights are so expensive! I got a pair of Amazon Basic 5-lb weights on the cheap. You can get the ones I have here.
  • S’well Stainless Steel 17 oz Water Bottle – Love this bottle! It is seriously the prettiest thing I own and is the perfect size to get me through a spin class. You can get the one I have here.
  • TIEM Slipstream – Indoor Cycling Spin Shoe – These might not be for everyone, but I am obsessed with my Times. They are super conformable and perfect for my wide feet. I have found the more narrow shoes actually make me feet go numb mid ride so I knew I needed something different. You can get the ones I have here.
  • Bike Seat Cushion – The Peloton bike seat is not for the faint of heart – that narrow seat hurts your butt like nothing else! I have gotten used to the seat by now but this cushion was a lifesaver during my first few months of riding. You can get the one I have here.

My Favorite Peloton Rides

These are my all-time favorite rides and the ones I always recommend to new riders. They are so fun and challenging with great music and an instructor that keeps you in it to the end. I love an instructor that talks (am I only the one?!) – I find this distracts me from the grueling task at hand and makes me feel like I’m riding with a friend.

  • Robin Arzon’s 30 Minute Lizzo Ride from 8/2/19 – This is my absolute favorite and the first ride I recommend to anyone who asks. It’s a studio ride with a great class who are all so into Robin and the music. The front row is high-fiving and having the best time and Robin is so incredible at hyping both the studio and home riders up! Not to mention the playlist is absolute fire all from our girl, Lizzo.
  • Robin Arzon’s 30 Minute Greatest Showman Ride from 11/16/18 – As someone who had never listened to the Greatest Showman soundtrack before this ride, it turned me into a fan! Robin is passionate about the music and is one of the most inspirational rides I’ve taken.
  • Cody Rigsby’s 30 Minute Britney Spears Ride from 7/15/19 – This one is going to HYPE. YOU. UP! As a Britney Stan, this ride is everything you could want and more. All the hits and Cody is so entertaining during the ride, the 30 minutes flies by and guess what, you’ve just PR’ed!

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My Favorite Peloton Strength Classes

I’m all about pairing my cardio routine with regular strength classes.

  • Sam Yo’s 10 Minute Arm Toning from 6/9/20 – I am obsessed with all of Sam’s strength classes. I feel like a lot of people sleep on his classes, but they are a must. He always incorporates boxing punches and jabs which I love and I can always feel his classes the day after.
  • Robin Arzon’s 10 min Arms & Shoulders Strength from 3/30/20 – For just a 10 minute class, the one is an absolute scorcher. Super low impact, but a great muscle builder.
  • Selena Samuela 20 min Full Body Strength from 6/23/20 – This one is SO GOOD. Truly a full body that works as cardio just as much as strength. You’ll definitely feel this one the next day!

My Peloton Workout Schedule

Monday: 20-minute Arms and Shoulders + 20 minute walk
Tuesday: 20-minute ride + 10 minute Core Workout
Wednesday: Active rest day (Stretch, meditate or walk)
Thursday: 15-min tabata ride + 10-min Core Workout
Friday: 20-minute Glute & Legs Strength + 20 minute walk
Saturday: Active Rest Day (Full body stretch, love Chase’s stretch classes)
Sunday: 30 minute low impact ride + 10-min Core Workout

What are your favorite Peloton classes? Let me know in the comments below!
Also, let me know if you want more Peloton centric content!

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