Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Keto Dad

Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Keto Dad #keto #ketodiet #fathersday #fathersdaygifts #ketodinners #ketorecipes #ketocookbooks #lchf
I always find buying gifts for my Dad to be super difficult. He never wants anything and doesn’t really seem to ever really like what he gets as gifts haha. But the one thing I know my Dad likes (and I’m sure yours too!) is food. Food is always a fun gift and I know my Dad always appreciates it since he tears into the box or package right in front of me! He also loves a good gift card so I’ve included in a few of them as well.`

The Keto Protein Shake Making My Hair Grow Like Crazy

The Protein Shake Making My Hair Grow Like Crazy #keto #ketoshake #ketodinner #proteinshake
I’ve typically had very healthy hair my whole life, but it is thin and fine. Which has always been annoying to me – I want the full, shampoo commercial thick hair-flip hair!

Much to my surprise during a visit to the salon for a cut my stylist asked out of nowhere if I had been taking any supplements for hair growth. I haven’t and she said it looked like my roots that had been growing for the past four months looked a lot thicker than the rest of my hair AND I had a bunch of new hairs coming in that looked to be about 4 months old as well. I wracked my brain and realized I have been drinking my collagen protein shake once to twice a day every day for the past 4 months! I was floored!

Guide to Fast Food on Keto


When possible, I try to avoid fast food. I have this thought process that fast food is bad for you, should only be a treat, etc. So when I’m out & in a bind for something to eat, I go through a major guilt trip if I have to turn to fast food. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

These last minute trips to the McDonald’s, in addition to making me feel guilty, could also throw me out of ketosis & interrupt my diet success.

After doing major research, I realized that there are many on-the-go or fast food options that are Keto friendly. Surprising, I know!