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Freedom Fitness

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We all want to improve our fitness. We want our bodies to feel youthful, healthy, and strong. We want to wake up confident every morning, loving what we see in the mirror.

But let’s face it; working out consistently is hard.

We’re busy staying on top of work, making sure our kids finish their homework (not to mention their vegetables), and trying to find time to sleep.

With so much going on, it’s crucial to find a fitness plan that works with your lifestyle — and gives you the maximum results for each workout.

If you’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars on new workout guides, searching for the perfect plan, I’ve partnered with Ultimate Bundles to bring you something that’s going to rock your world.

It’s called the Freedom Fitness Bundle.

Unlike most fitness programs that only give you one restrictive plan to follow, this bundle is packed with 50 different exercise routines, workout videos, training guides and even nutrition plans created by dozens of reputable experts.

Did I mention it’s only 47 bucks?!

Chances are, you’ve spent more than that on individual fitness programs, but inside these 50 expert trainings, you’ll find:

  • Workout plans that fit your lifestyle and fitness goals
  • Instructional videos and photo tutorials to make even new or complex exercises simple and safe
  • Bodyweight workouts that don’t require equipment, for days when you can’t get to the gym (or don’t want to!)
  • Express workouts to protect your progress on days when you’re short on time
  • Energizing cardio routines to help you burn calories and fat, and strengthen your heart
  • Weight loss strategies to help you shed unwanted pounds and target trouble areas
  • Flexibility and rehab training to help prevent injuries or speed recovery
  • Resources specifically geared to your unique fitness needs and goals as a woman or man
  • Plus, so much more!

The combined value of all the trainings in the bundle is over $1,850, but until Monday, you can get EVERYTHING for 97% off!

And here’s the crazy promise: If you can’t find the right plan inside this bundle, or mix and match something perfect from the dozens of trainings, Ultimate Bundles will give you ALL your money back.

Seriously. You have 30 days to test out $1,850 of training with absolutely NO risk of losing your $47.

Click here to get the entire bundle for only $47:

If you want the confidence of a lean, toned body and you’re ready to find a plan that feels natural for your lifestyle and helps you achieve the results you’re looking for, the Freedom Fitness Bundle is here for you.

And if you’re worried you won’t know where to start with so many resources to choose from, don’t be! Inside you’ll find a handy Getting Started Guide so you can quickly locate the plans that are perfect for you.

What are you waiting for? Find your perfect fitness plan today!

Still not convinced? In this bundle, you will find 50 fitness training resources split into 7 different sets — including 27 videos and 23 PDF guides — aimed to help you on your fitness journey:

Bodyweight ($231.84)

  • Bodyweight 7-Minute Stackable Cardio by Adam Steer ($19.95)
  • Bodyweight Freedom by Todd Kuslikis ($7.99)
  • Insane Home Fat Loss by Six Pack Shortcuts ($97.00)
  • Bodyweight Surge by Jason Klein ($27.00)
  • Love The Grind: 4 Week Bodyweight Program by Tee Major ($14.00)
  • One Year Bodyweight Workout Program by Jerome Fishermen ($23.95)
  • The Abdominal Approach by Kiley Lynch ($17.00)
  • Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups by Logan Christopher ($24.95)

Endurance/Cardio/HIIT ($269.95)

  • 101 Conditioning Circuits: 30 Minute Done-For-You Conditioning Circuits by Georgette Pann ($29.00)
  • 10×10 Kettlebell Solution by Forest Vance ($17.00)
  • Cardio Sprawl by Adam Steer ($29.95)
  • HIITBURN Abs by Dennis and Kelsey Heenan ($15.00)
  • I Want Abs: A Documentary For Regular People Who Want To Get In Shape, But Don’t Know How by Sergei Boutenko ($45.00)
  • Kettlebell Training Fundamentals: Trainer L3.1 by CavemanTraining ($129.00)
  • The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book by Stephen Hoyles ($5.00)

Express/Quick/Home Workouts ($289.88)

  • 30 Day Kettlebell Fat Loss BootCamp by Ryan Shanahan ($19.00)
  • 30 for 30 Home Workout Plan: 30 Workouts in 30 Minutes or Less by Jared Beckstrand ($14.99)
  • Bodyweight Express by Adam Steer ($29.95)
  • Fit in 15 by Sixpackshortcuts ($67.00)
  • Focus 15 by Mark Lauren ($29.95)
  • RBT Single Band Training Guide 2.0 by Dave Schmitz ($29.99)
  • The Accelerators Package by Kate Vidulich

Flexibility/Mobility/Rehab ($350.99)

  • Bodyweight Mobility Solution by Andrew Raposo ($19.00)
  • Double Your Flexibility by Tapp Brothers ($57.00)
  • Dynamic Warm Up: Increase Sport Specific Flexibility, Range of Motion, Cardiovascular Capacity, Core Strength and Mobility by 40% in 2 Weeks by Tee Major ($12.00)
  • Pilates for Back Pain by Lynda Lippin ($97.00)
  • Recalibrate by Adam Steer ($19.00)
  • Start Your Yoga in 21 Days: The Beginner’s 3 Week Guide to Building a Home Yoga Practice by Tega Edwin ($19.99)
  • Stretch Smart by Seniority Health ($127.00)

For Men ($207.99)

  • Accelerated Abs by Sixpackshortcuts ($95.00)
  • Anabolic Running by Joe LoGalbo ($15.00)
  • Bench Press Explosion: 18 of the Best Press Routines of All Time! by Mike Westerdal, CPT ($27.00)
  • Bodyweight Omni by Todd Kuslikis ($7.99)
  • Muscle Explosion: 28 Days to Maximum Mass by Nick Nilsson ($25.00)
  • The Kettlebell RX: Daily Dose of IRON by Travis Stoetzel ($29.00)
  • Total Body Density Workout Program: Equipment Based and Bodyweight Circuits by Funk Roberts ($9.00)

For Women ($271.85)

  • Fit Yummy Mummy: The Better Body After Baby Workout System for Moms by Holly Rigsby ($39.95)
  • Healthy Moving for Strength by Jen Hoffman ($24.97)
  • Home Workout Series by SophiaFIT ($59.00)
  • Mama on the Move: Pregnancy Pilates and Fitness Programme by Mama on the Move ($77.95)
  • My Bikini Belly Super Sculpt Series Phase 1 by Shawna Kaminski ($25.00)
  • Operation Bikini Body Abs by Hannah Davis ($14.99)
  • Startup7: A 7-Routine Mini Course by Beth Learn ($29.99)

Weight Loss ($228.95)

  • 247 Longevity Secrets by Sayan Sarkar ($7.95)
  • 48-Hour Flat Belly Flush Program by Derek Wahler & Josh Houghton ($19.00)
  • 6 Week Shred by Robby Blanchard ($19.00)
  • F3 – Functional Fitness Fast: 14 Day Fat Furnace by Tee Major ($37.00)
  • Six Pack Shortcuts by Sixpackshortcuts ($97.00)
  • The Metabolic Maximizer by Kiley Lynch ($17.00)
  • The Renaissance Diet: A Scientific Approach to Getting Leaner and Building Muscle by RPstrength ($32.00)

Bonuses ($167.20)

  • 2-month FREE RP+ Membership from Renaissance Periodization ($40.00)
  • 18″ FREE EVA Foam Muscle Roller from Live Infinitely ($22.90)
  • FREE Live/Lift Bracelet from Fit Lifestyle Box ($15.00$15 Store Credit from Perfect Supplements ($15.00)
  • 2-month FREE Subscription + 2 Instant Download Health Guides from Experience Life Magazine ($27.90$15 Store Credit from Motivational Bottle ($15.00)
  • FREE .6 oz. BeeCool and .6 oz. BeeSilk Sticks from Made on Skin Care ($16.40)
  • FREE Rox Mat from Xero Shoes ($15.00)

If you bought each one of these 50 resources separately, they would cost $1851.40 total! So even if you don’t think you will use every asset in this bundle, it makes more sense than buying each individually.

Click here to get the entire bundle for only $47:

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