Get More Done! How to Journal, Meditate and More

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to create and stick to a morning routine? Organize your calendar like a pro? Make and stick to overall goals? Just find time to be productive??

It’s hard…because its hard! Creating new routines in an already busy life can be overwhelming. I know I have created countless morning routines and given up on them in a day or two because its just so hard to create these new rules.

In comes the Get More Done bundle! In this bundle you get the best of the best when it comes to goal setting, courses, how tos and more.

Learn how to set intentions, set goals, and set routines in a way that makes it easy and you won’t want to give them up.
Receive super useful and super

Inside you’ll find…

10-Day Intention-Setting Challenge! by Gael Wood (eCourse), Set your intentions for the month, the week, and each morning your day, and experience the results of this powerful practice. (Normally $49)

eCourses like Time Blocking Blueprint by Cara Harvey, where you’ll discover how to create a smart, productive schedule you’ll be able to stick with — no matter what life throws your way. (Normally $77)

Workbooks like the Crush Your Goals Planner by Sarah Dew, which will help you move past the planning stages of goal setting so that you can start seeing actual results. (Normally $28)

Printables like the Productivity Planner by Jen at DerbyLaneDreamswhich contains checklists, schedules, and trackers to get your home and life organized for good. (Normally $7)

eBooks like Journaling for Simplicity
 by Melissa Russell, where you’ll find 50+ prompts to help you harness the power of journaling to simplify your life and start living more intentionally. (Normally $14.99)

Altogether, it’s 58 different trainings and resources that normally cost a total of $2,375.58But we have permission to sell you the whole collection for as little as $47!

And if you grab your bundle today, you’ll also get two special bonuses:

3 FREE months of the +Plus Membership to help you make meal planning a breeze (worth $44.97)

And our Ultimate Guide to More Joy and Less Stress to help you transform your mindset in just 15 minutes a day (worth $30).

So what are you waiting for?

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