Low Carb Keto 7 Day Meal Plan

Low Carb 7 Day Meal Plan (with breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert recipe ebooks!) #keto #lowcarb #whole30 #paleo #loseweightfast #loseweighteasy
Low Carb 7 Day Meal Plan (with breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert recipe ebooks!) #keto #lowcarb #whole30 #paleo #loseweightfast #loseweighteasy
Low Carb 7 Day Meal Plan (with breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert recipe ebooks!) #keto #lowcarb #whole30 #paleo #loseweightfast #loseweighteasy
Low Carb 7 Day Meal Plan (with breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert recipe ebooks!) #keto #lowcarb #whole30 #paleo #loseweightfast #loseweighteasy


Low Carb 7 Day Meal Plan

Ditch. The. Carbs.

If you have been following me on Pinterest over the past 6 months, you’ll have noticed my latest obsession with a Keto diet. Keto is eating a low amount of carbs (typically between 20-40 net carbs).

Low Carb 7 Day Meal Plan (with breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert recipe ebooks!) #keto #lowcarb #whole30 #paleo #loseweightfast #loseweighteasy

When you consistently eat a limited amount of carbs, your body enters ketosis, a metabolic state in which your body uses ketones (from fat) as the main source of energy instead of glucose (from carbs).

When you cut carbs and eat more fat, your body will start to use the fat consumed as well as stored body fat as its main source of energy. You can read more on my Keto 101 blog post here.

Low Carb 7 Day Meal Plan (with breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert recipe ebooks!) #keto #lowcarb #whole30 #paleo #loseweightfast #loseweighteasy

Weight Loss

From February to May of this year, I have lost 28 lbs thanks to Keto. Since May, I have successfully kept the weight off & have noticed that I am having an easier time sticking to a diet. Which is saying a lot since I survived a typically carb-fueled summer!

Meal Prep Made Easy: Weekly Low Carb Keto Meal Plans!
120 Low-Carb Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert!
Skincare Tips & Tricks

I owe a lot of success to consistency which was helped by making sure I meal prepped weekly. I looked up recipes on Pinterest & finally broke down and bought e-books from a favorite website that had super easy to follow recipes (all only had 5 ingredients!) and that I knew were tested and worked with the keto diet. All recipes have 5 net grams of carbs or fewer, are easy to prep & taste great.

Low Carb 7 Day Meal Plan (with breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert recipe ebooks!) #keto #lowcarb #whole30 #paleo #loseweightfast #loseweighteasy

Meal Plan

Here is what a typical 7-day meal plan looks for a keto, low carber:

Day 1

  • Breakfast: Avocado Cloud Toast
  • Lunch: Cheeseburger Burritos
  • Dinner: Rosemary Chicken & Mash
  • Dessert: Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Daily Carbs (net grams): 14

Day 2

  • Breakfast: Blueberry Almond Pancakes
  • Snack: Chips & Guac
  • Lunch: Meatball Parm
  • Dinner: Zesty Shrimp Skewers

Daily Carbs (net grams): 17

Day 3

  • Breakfast: Maple Pecan Porridge
  • Lunch: Taco Salad Bowl
  • Dinner: Sweet Pork Tenderloin
  • Dessert: Sugar-free Nutella

Daily Carbs (net grams): 15

Day 4

  • Breakfast: Chorizo Breakfast Bake
  • Lunch: Loaded Cobb Salad
  • Dinner: Tacos!
  • Dessert: Single Serve Cheesecake

Daily Carbs (net grams): 13

Day 5

  • Breakfast: Savory Bacon Pancakes
  • Lunch: Chicken Avo Salad
  • Dinner: Lemon Garlic Salmon
  • Dessert: Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Daily Carbs (net grams): 16

Day 6

  • Breakfast: Strawberries & Cream Shake
  • Lunch: Turkey Club Wraps
  • Dinner: Beef & Broccoli
  • Dessert: Peanut Butter Cups

Daily Carbs (net grams): 17

Day 7

  • Breakfast: Quiche & Hashbrowns
  • Lunch: Chicken Alfredo
  • Dinner: Mediterranean Lamb Burger
  • Dessert: Fudge Brownies

Daily Carbs (net grams): 17

Homemade Low Carb Nutella

Follow a similar weekly plan for 12 weeks and see the pounds absolutely melt off. With these recipes, you will lose weight fast & easy and not have to starve yourself to do it. ALL recipes listed above can be found in the awesome e-books below.

What’s great about the ebooks, and my favorite thing is that they are all about keeping it simple. I hate finding a recipe that has 30 ingredients that I never heard of and I have to invest in a ton of new stuff to make one recipe! All recipes in the ebooks are 5 ingredients. The recipes are simple to make but so so delicious and keep you full!

I purchased my bundle and I reference them all the time for recipes and inspiration. Check out the bundle, which includes the dessert ebook (you can get the dessert ebook here as well) or click on the individual ebook for more info!

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#keto #lowcarb #ebooks #recipes

Vegetarian & Vegan UPDATE!

After tons & tons of research and toying with creating my own, I have found the best & most extensive vegetarian & vegan ebook, recipes & meal plans! My friend over at Meat Free Keto has created an amazing Intro to Vegan Keto Guide ebook. This ebook contains 69 pages of diet information, a 7 Day Meal Plan, recipes & shopping list.

This ebook is incredible if you are starting out in a vegan keto way of eating if you are interested in learning more about the lifestyle or are simply looking for some delicious meal inspiration.

I’ve made mostly all the recipes now and can honestly say this book makes eating Keto vegan so easy and so yummy.

The best part? This completely comprehensive 69-page ebook is only $12 – seriously! You get the meal plan, recipes & shopping lists & more for $12!

The Ultimate Keto Diet Beginner's Guide & Grocery List #keto #lowcarb #loseweightfastandeasy

Food Allergen Free UPDATE!

The number one question I get about the Keto diet is the “What if I don’t eat…(insert food allergy or food aversion here)” questions. What is I don’t eat eggs? What if I don’t eat gluten? What if I don’t eat dairy? Can I still do Keto? Of course you can! But allergens, rightfully so, are at the forefront of people’s minds when they start a new diet. I try to help as much as possible but I don’t have the experience or extensive research to help every single person out.

Enter Leanne! Leannne of Healthful Pursuits is a certified Nutrition Educator and happens to be one of the most passionate Keto-ers I know. She has a FANTASTIC allergen-free Keto meal plan & guide that takes all the guesswork out. Every ebook comes with a 30-day meal plan, a complete food list with easy allergen swaps and a complete guide on Carb Cycling. And I mean complete. Leanne creates alternative grocery lists and meals for people who need Low-FODMAP, dairy-free, grain-free, nightshade-free, egg-free, nut-free and more. Even better? If her meal plans aren’t for you, you get a full money back guarantee.         

You can check out more on Leanne and her meal plans here or read my full review of her guide here.

The Ultimate Keto Diet Beginner's Guide & Grocery List #keto #lowcarb #loseweightfastandeasy

104 thoughts on “Low Carb Keto 7 Day Meal Plan

  1. Can you follow a ketogenic diet if you can’t have eggs? I’ve noticed in my research that a lot of ketogenic recipes use a large amount of eggs

    1. Hi Kathryn, you can absolutely follow the keto diet without eggs! A lot of recipes call for them since they are low carb but you definitely dont have to eat them!

    2. I don’t eat eggs due to allergies. I can still follow Keto but I don’t do much of the baking (sweets) since I am yet to find a good sub for eggs in keto baking.

      1. Hi Kathryn, you could try ground flaxseeds or chia seeds or even an unsweetened yogurt.

      2. Use flaxseed that is ground. One tablespoon of flaxseed to 3 tablespoons of water. Whip in a bowl and let stand . It comes to the same consistency

  2. Hey, I would like to try out keto however before I go buying the whole bundle, can I buy supermarket waffles and pancakes – what would you recommend. I live quite a busy life style therefore, I was wondering whether I could cut corners. Waheeda

    1. Hi, you can buy pre-made food from the grocery but you have to read the labels! Make sure they are very low in carb with no added sugar.

  3. Nice job Lady
    I have GREAT success illuminating avocados ( only because I am eating under 10 carbs TOTAL NOT NET). My macros this week are 150 fat, 70 protein, below 10 total carbs. Next week I’ll change the protein to 65 and fat 140. I’ve lost 20 pounds and two pant sizes.size 2 from a 6. Just getting back in the gym regularly. This is what works for MY body. We are all different.

  4. I am a very picky eater and would love to do keto. I don’t eat a lot of different veggies like mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, avocado, onions(will do powder) , mustard, brussel sprouts, etc. I will eat green beans, carrots, cauliflower, cooked broccoli. The food gets boring to me. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Joni, make your favorite foods fun! Add new seasonings to your broccoli and cauliflower. Create low carb dips and dressings to your protein and veggies too!

  5. Hi I purchased this bundle and it was sent by email. Do I have to go to email and download book every time I want to use one? Seems very unhandy and time consuming

    1. Hi Kim, when you DL the ebooks, save them onto your device. That way they are there always for handy use!

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