The Best Books to Take on Your Summer Vacay!

If you are anything like me & have a commute where you can just sit and read, books are constantly in heavy rotation all year long. But a lot of people don’t have the luxury (this will be the first and only time I call my commute a luxury) of downtime to get to read so beach vacay is where it happens! Here is a list of the books that I think are must reads this summer!
Let me know what you’re reading in the comments below!
1. If you are looking for a juicy beach read, look no further than The Husband’s Secret. Written by Liane Moriarty, (the same author that brought you Big Little Lies) this can’t-put-down novel explores the question of “who well do we actually know our spouses?”.

16 Simple & Healthy Packable Lunches (Great for School & Work)!

Lose weight quickly & easily with these low carb, keto meal prep recipe e-books!
Keto in Five
Nothing keeps me on target with my goals as when my meal prep is on point. Packing up my breakfast and lunch for work and having something to prepared or semi-prepared when I get home works wonders to keep me away from Seamless or picking up something from my corner deli. These are my top picks for easy, healthy & delicious lunch recipes from around the web!

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