The One Pinterest Hack to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

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Pinterest is such a fun site. I can spend hours looking through hair tutorials, recipes, workouts & more. But what I really love about Pinterest is that it is a HUGE traffic sources for my blog. Roughly 95% off all my blog traffic comes from Pinterest.
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11 Awesome FREE Stock Photo Sites You Need to Start Using Now

There is nothing that compliments a great blog post like awesome photos. They make long posts more readable, Pins more clickable and help to get readers on Instagram interested. The trouble is that many of us, myself definitely included, are not great at taking amazing photographs. And depending on the subject of your post, might not even be able to take photos at all.
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Enter stock photos. Stock photos have gotten a bad rap in the past because of the amount of cheese associated with them.  Buzzfeed even wrote an article about how ridiculous stock photos are. And the prices! Some photos go for hundreds of dollars, which is already pricey, let alone needing a few for one article.

Since I am not blessed with photography skills & can’t shell out hundreds for photos, what’s a blogger to do? Get it FO’ FREE! That’s right, you can have access to thousands of high quality, awesome images for free. So, what’s the catch? Well there isn’t any!
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