11 Must Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

11 Must Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs
One of the best decisions I made when I started to turn my blog into a a business was joining Facebook groups. Really! It is free to join and if you pick the right groups, you will have people from all over the world sharing their expertise and tips on subjects that mean the most to you.

Another great thing I get from Facebook groups is website traffic! Most groups will allow a self-promotion day which works great to drive traffic to certain blog posts or social media accounts. Also, just be being an active member of a group, you are getting your name and expertise out there which will translate into followers & traffic.

When I get accepted to a group, I first add the group to my favorites list – this way I can easily click and get into the group. Second, I will look for a pinned post to read any of the rules associated with the group. Group rules is also a great way to reduce spam. Third I’ll look for an introduction post or see if it’s ok to write a post in order to introduce myself. You’ll want to do this so people check you out! Then start commenting, liking and having fun!

Not all groups are created equally though. Pick boards that specific to your passions & goals – I picked mine based on entrepreneurs, bloggers, & online-based businesses. Pick groups that have active and enthusiastic members. Without that, it’s kind of a waste to join right?

I’ve done some work, and here is a list of my favorite groups with the BEST admins and members.

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