The Keto Protein Shake Making My Hair Grow Like Crazy

The Protein Shake Making My Hair Grow Like Crazy #keto #ketoshake #ketodinner #proteinshake
I’ve typically had very healthy hair my whole life, but it is thin and fine. Which has always been annoying to me – I want the full, shampoo commercial thick hair-flip hair!

Much to my surprise during a visit to the salon for a cut my stylist asked out of nowhere if I had been taking any supplements for hair growth. I haven’t and she said it looked like my roots that had been growing for the past four months looked a lot thicker than the rest of my hair AND I had a bunch of new hairs coming in that looked to be about 4 months old as well. I wracked my brain and realized I have been drinking my collagen protein shake once to twice a day every day for the past 4 months! I was floored!