Simple Keto Margherita Pizza

Simple Keto Margherita Pizza #keto #ketorecipes #ketodiet #ketodinner #ketogenic #ketogenicdiet
Out of the hundreds of slices of pizza I have eaten in my lifetime (NOT an exaggeration), I always find myself gravitating towards to Margherita slices. The tasty simplicity of the pizza really allows the good quality of the ingredients use to truly shine. And that’s the secret. Make sure every ingredient you use is good quality and something that tastes delicious on it’s own.

Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Keto Dad

Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Keto Dad #keto #ketodiet #fathersday #fathersdaygifts #ketodinners #ketorecipes #ketocookbooks #lchf
I always find buying gifts for my Dad to be super difficult. He never wants anything and doesn’t really seem to ever really like what he gets as gifts haha. But the one thing I know my Dad likes (and I’m sure yours too!) is food. Food is always a fun gift and I know my Dad always appreciates it since he tears into the box or package right in front of me! He also loves a good gift card so I’ve included in a few of them as well.`

Keto Italian Ham and Pepper Pizza

Keto Italian Ham and Pepper Pizza #keto #ketodinner #cauliflowercrust #ketogenic #ketodiet #ketosis #ketorecipes
My secret shame is finally coming out. Hello, my name is Lauren and I cannot make home made cauliflower crust. I have dried squeeze the cauli in a towel, I have tried it in the food processor, on a pizza stone–I have seriously tried it all and every time it comes out just kind of blah. The amount of time and expensive ingredients wasted left me feeling like pizza wasn’t in the cards for me anymore.

My sister introduced me to Cauli*Flour crusts a couple of months ago and I have been hooked ever since! These pizza’s are absolutely delicious and their macros are perfect! There is only 1 net carb per slice and 3 net carbs for the whole pizza! You can fully indulge without any carb guilt!