The Easiest Way to Make an Extra $150 a Month!

The Easiest Way to Make an Extra $150 a Month!

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The Easiest Way to Make an Extra $150 A Month!

Getting paid to take online surveys seems like an easy way to generate some extra cash right? It is, as long as you properly vet ALL sites before using them. Some sites have you do the work then don’t pay up – how frustrating!
But have no fear, I have vetted the following sites + countless others to bring you the holy grail of paid survey sites. These have all been tested, researched and then tested again and they all check out!
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11 Sites that Pay You to Blog!

(If you are looking to create your own blog, check out my step-by-step guide here!)
11 Sites that Pay You to Blog! (1)
That’s the dream isn’t it? Being paid to creatively write your own blog posts? Well that dream could very well become your reality!

You created a blog (yay, congrats!) & now want to generate some extra money from it. Brands have realized how influential bloggers can be to sell their product or services & are now paying top dollar to get you to be a part of their team. How cool is that?

The confusing part is how to get into contact with these brands. Eliminate the confusion and sign up with blogger-to-brand platforms! These platforms will put you in direct contact with brands looking for talent (that’s you!). I have outlined some of my favorite platforms that I have used while making money blogging.

Signing up with different platforms will allow you to get your name & blog out there while also being opened to many different offers. It may seem overwhelming at first, but once you set up your profiles on each, you will be able to manage easily.

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