Roasted Whole Chicken (Keto & Whole30 Approved) Perfect Every Time!

This simple yet flavorful whole roasted chicken will have you making this every week for meal prep! Serve with your favorite sides, pull apart for chicken salad, or eat all by itself, this easy chicken will become an instant favorite and classic in your home.
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Traveling while Keto…Is It Possible??? ✈🚉🚙

Let’s talk traveling while Keto.

I used to get so nervous when traveling because of the regulations of what you can bring on a plane, most of my keto foods needing to be refrigerated and having enough space for all my containers.

But never fear because I’ve figured out the best way to eat and snack while traveling and I’m going to give you my fave tips.


This sounds so simple but is SO IMPORTANT! It is tempting to sip on sodas and soft drinks while traveling but getting enough water is so crucial. Traveling dehydrates, especially when flying, so make sure to up your water intake! I bring my HydroFlask water bottle with me EVERYWHERE and am constantly filling up throughout my day, usually to 3 liters a day!