Avoid These Tragic Mistakes When Starting A New Blog

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11 Avoidable Mistakes When Creating A New Blog
When I first started, I was the Queen of Blogging Mistakes. I just started to write without any thought, game plan or purpose. I was all over the place, my images sucked (to be honest) & I didn’t get why readers weren’t flocking to me. Silly right?

I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don’t repeat them on your blog. Because why not skip the awkward teen years of blogging and head straight into the cool, money making years?!

Here are my tips to getting it right the first time:

How To Start A Money Making Blog In Under 15 Minutes

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How To Start A Money Making Blog In Under 15 Minutes

After the AMAZING response to my first post on blogging (you can read How I Made $4,618.58 in June by Blogging here) I’ve decided to do a whole series on blogging! I received comments and a ton of emails (don’t be nervous about leaving comments, a lot of people were thinking the same things!) asking about gaining traffic, affiliate marketing, setting up a blog, emails & more.

How to Start a Blog & Make Money

I thought what a better way to start than with the very basics – launching your own blog!

Personally, starting a blog was the best thing I’ve decided to do. Besides the extra income it has given me, it’s a great way to express myself creatively and find people who just get me that I wouldn’t have been able to connect with otherwise.

Everyone should start a blog. I truly believe that. Start a blog to express yourself, to earn extra cash, to share your passions & interests with the world. I find it can be very therapeutic & if you make money, there’s the added bonus!