Peloton’s Selena Samuela Legs & Booty March Challenge!

It’s time to head into spring with a challenge! Selena Samuela has a lower body challenge starting March 1 to tone your thighs and perk up your booty that we need to join!

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Now let’s get into the challenge! This is a super easy challenge to fit into your current routine, just like Selenas January challenge. It is comprised of 3 short classes a week ranging from 10 to 30 min (all classes but one are under 20 minutes!) lower body strength.

You can stack these classes with your current workout routine (let me know if you would like a post on how to stack your classes in the comments below!) or you can take them individually, it’s totally up to you!

Given the past year, I know I haven’t been getting as much movement as I usually do, so I think its time to give my lower body some extra love!

6 Months With Peloton: My Favorite Rides and Recommendations (Plus, Workout Schedule)

Here’s the schedule :

March 1-8
🍑 3/1/21 (live this monday at 9am est) 30min Glutes and Legs
🍑 11/9/20 20min int Glutes and legs
🍑 6/29/20 20min int Glutes and legs

March 8-15
🍑 2/15/21 10min Glutes and Legs
🍑 1/25/21 20min int Glutes and legs
🍑 10/5/20 20min int Glutes and legs

March 15-22
🍑 8/22/20 20min int Glutes and legs
🍑 2/19/21 20min Bodyweight + 7/31/20 10min Glutes and legs
🍑 10/19/20 15min Glutes and legs (stack this one with a walk or run!)

March 22-31
🍑 7/26/20 20min int Glutes and legs
🍑 2/8/21 20min int Glutes and legs
🍑 3/6/20 20min int Glutes and legs

Who’s joining? Let me know in the comments below!

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