Tespo Review & Giveaway!

If you are interested in health & fitness, I am sure you are constantly bombarded with new vitamins and supplements you have to take in order to get the physique and life style you desire. Then in comes Tespo. Tespo, hailed as the ‘Kuerig of Vitamins,’ wants to actually simplify your vitamin & supplement routine, not add to it. Simply chose a vitamin pack that’s right for you, pop it into the machine & in seconds you have your vitamins in an easy to drink quarter cup.

Tespo may be for you if:

  • You have trouble or don’t like swallowing pills
  • You need a visible reminder to take your vitamins
  • You are looking for an alternative to taking multiple vitamins
  • You or your kids are looking for an alternative to gummy vitamins

How it stacks up:

The Tespo machine is easy enough to setup and operate and popping in the vitamin discs really is as easy as using a Kuerig. The only downside for me personally is that I take random vitamins & supplements (ashwagandha, anyone?) that don’t really translate to the selection offered by Tespo. On the other hand, my roommate who typically takes a daily multi-vitamin & fish oil tablets loved it! She was able to get her multi-vitamin while also utilizing the Hair, Skin & Nails tablet. Also, as someone who finds it difficult to fall asleep & stay asleep, she also raved about the sleepy formula as well.

Want to try one of your own? Enter to win a New Tespo machine & vitamin packs!
**This contest has ended. Congrats to Carol S. from Georgia, you are our winner!**