The Amazing Benefits of Dry Brushing (Bye Bye Cellulite!)

After first hearing about dry brushing from a friend,  I was more than a little skeptical. All these benefits from brushing…your skin? After doing research and trying it out for myself, I have been converted to a dry brushing fanatic!  

What exactly is dry brushing? 

Dry brushing your skin is actually just that – taking a brush and brushing your dry skin.  

How do I do it?

Take your brush into the shower with and with long sweeping motions up toward our heart, brush your skin. You will want to brush your skin upwards to your heart from feet up slowly. I usually dry brush from ankle to knee, knee to hip, and then hips upwards. Be sure to brush gently over your most sensitive areas and not to leave any skin out. 

Next, turn on your shower alternating between hot water and cold water to really get your blood flowing and circulating properly. 

After a few minutes of alternating between water temperatures, gently pat your skin dry with a towel and apply an organic oil (my favorite being coconut oil) to brushed skin. 

How often should I do it? 

Try and find 5 minutes twice a day every day to dry brush your skin. With just this small time commitment you will see results! 

What brush do I use?  

Go for an all natural brush like one of these here. Depending on your budget, a great brush for under $6 can be found here or another great upgraded option for under $15 can be found here. Also, try and find an organic coconut oil for after your shower to really maximize results. Remember to wash your brush with warm water and soap at least once a week and to make sure your bristles are stiff. 


Why bother? 

Your skin is the bodily largest organ and needs extra care, especially since it is responsible for secreting oils and toxins through your pores. Brushing can help keep pores clear and keep your blood flowing properly to your skin. 


+  EXFOLIATE  Nothing feels better than soft, supple skin after exfoliation. Dry brushing helps to keep your skin feeling soft, clean, and silky smooth every day. 

+ LYMPHATIC SYSTEM Dry brushing helps remove dry skin and toxins from your body, which helps to keep your lymphatic system running smoothly.  

+ REDUCE CELLULITE Dry brushing can help reduce hard fatty deposits underneath your skin which will reduce and eliminate cellulite.  

+ TOTALLY INVIGORATING Between the dry brushing and the following shower, this activity is invigorating and has your body buzzing. 

How long until I start seeing results? Results can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months with regular brush practice. It depends on how your body responds and in what condition your body is in when you first begin.