The Absolute Best Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

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The Absolute Best Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers #lowcarb #keto #giftguide #fitnesslovers
I love the gifting season. I love giving to my friends, family & charities because it feels great and makes people happy.

Not to mention I’m pretttty great at knowing the perfect gift for someone! Speaking of, these are my picks for the fitness fanatic in your life. From workout tees to meal plans to watches, these are the gifts that can do no wrong!


SoundWhiz Noise Cancelling Waterproof Workout Earbuds

I was a little hesitant to purchase these Bluetooth headphones because of the low price point. But they are amazing! These little earbuds stay in place, even when I’m running & have a fantastic sound quality.  ($32.97;

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Pressed Juicery x Sugarfina 7-Day Juice “Cleanse” Gummy Bears

Get your daily dose of our “green juice” gummy bears with a 7-day gummy bear cleanse pack, filled with 7 of Baby Bear shots. Made with apple, lemon, ginger, and greens, these all-natural bears are fat-free, non-GMO, and contain 20% of your daily Vitamins C & A. The perfect gift for your fab and fit friends! ($23;

Weekly Low Carb Meal Plans

The gift that keeps on giving! If you or a loved one are just too busy to calculate macros for each recipe or even search for a recipe that will keep them on track with their low carb keto diet, then these meal plans are a lifesaver. Every Wednesday, get a week’s worth of recipes, menus, tips & substitutions right to your inbox! ($8.33;

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Under Armour Socks

OK, socks can be kind of a lame gift, but hear me out, Under Armour socks are the most comfortable socks ever! Perfect for long runs, yoga or to wear the boots (hello, no rolling down!). These are a perfect stocking stuffer or an awesome Treat Yo’self pres. ($12 for a pack of 3;


Bulletproof Coffee

If you have a coffee obsessed friend who loves rich, smooth, non-bitter coffee at home, this gift is a must. If you have a friend that wants to try their hand at bulletproof coffee for a boost of focus, energy & improved mental and physical performance, then this is a must. This coffee does what it promises & more all with an amazing taste – plus, you can now get Bulletproof coffee in cold brew form! ($18.95+;

Workout Tank

Is there anything more motivating than cute workout clothes? I know when I have my fave pair of running leggings and a fun top, I’m always more willing to pop out the door and go for a run or hit the weights. ($15;

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Hot Yoga Towel


I have tried a ton of hot yoga towels in my time, but this one is by far the best. It legit DOES NOT move once you place it down (even without having to wet it first!) & is super absorbent. ($19.99;

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Hydro Flask

Drink. Your. Water. I bring my Hydro Flask around with me everywhere. It keeps my water cold for 24 hours (!), helps out the enviroment (less plastic bottles for the win), is BPA-free, doesn’t sweat, is slip-proof & can also keep your hot beverages pipping for 6 hours! What can’t this bottle do? ($29.99;

The Absolute Best Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers #lowcarb #keto #giftguide #fitnesslovers

Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

I love my essential oil diffuser. The light changes are super peaceful and the pleasant smell of the oils is super relaxing. My favorite set of oils can be found here – it includes all the essentials for relaxation, sleep, cleaning & meditation. ($17.95;

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Nayoya Back and Neck Pain Relief

I love laying on this mat. Its prickly little prongs are great at relieving pressure that builds up in my shoulders, back & neck. I lay on it for about 20 minutes every day or as needed and feel almost instantly better and relaxed. ($39.97;


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Zella “Live in Leggings”

Zella’s Live in Leggings live up to their name and more – they are seriously the most comfortable leggings ever! The high waist is perfect for working out or whenever you want to wear leggings really. Super comfy, thick enough to be solid, but not too thick that they are hard to move in. My Fave leggings by far! ($54;

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Apple Watch

I LOVE my Apple Watch – it has hands down been my favorite fit gift that I have received. It records my steps, calories burned, your activity & the newer models have GPS and are waterproof for swimmers (or really intense sweaters).  ($249+;

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I love my blenders. I have a Vitamix & A Nutribullet and while bother are fantastic, I find myself using the Nutribullet more. And it is honestly for the laziest reason – the Nutribullet blends in the cup you drink out of! Yes, this little thing truly makes all the difference. I do find the Vitamix to be more powerful and blend a smoother drink, but had to put the Nutribullet on this list. ($94.99;

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