11 Super Pretty (& Free) Meal Planners for Busy Boss Babes

If you have been following me or this blog then you know I love meal planning & prepping. I pin countless bulk recipes, buy Tupperware like it’s going out of style and am constantly perusing new kitchen gadget to make this all easier.

My favorite (& free!) meal prep helper are printable planners! These make everything so nice & organized and help to ensure I’m eating some new & fun every week so I won’t get into a rut.

Avoid These Tragic Mistakes When Starting A New Blog

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11 Avoidable Mistakes When Creating A New Blog
When I first started, I was the Queen of Blogging Mistakes. I just started to write without any thought, game plan or purpose. I was all over the place, my images sucked (to be honest) & I didn’t get why readers weren’t flocking to me. Silly right?

I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don’t repeat them on your blog. Because why not skip the awkward teen years of blogging and head straight into the cool, money making years?!

Here are my tips to getting it right the first time:

The One Pinterest Hack to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

Learn how to make real money from Pinterest (4).png
Pinterest is such a fun site. I can spend hours looking through hair tutorials, recipes, workouts & more. But what I really love about Pinterest is that it is a HUGE traffic sources for my blog. Roughly 95% off all my blog traffic comes from Pinterest.

How I Made $407 from 1 Pin on Pinterest!

Learn how to make real money from Pinterest

When I first joined Pinterest, I was all about fitness & recipe pins. And that’s really all I thought Pinterest was good for. Then I took an incredible e-course on Affiliate Marketing (you can read about my experience here) & everything changed. I realized if I’m spending time on Pinterest, why not make some money while I’m at it! And I did!
Learn how to make real money from Pinterest.png

This post may contain affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here.
I have tried a bunch of different ways to use affiliate links: some worked and some…did not. When I first started, I thought that if I just pin it, people will see it, want it & buy it. Definitely not the case! You actually need to have a plan of action set before pushing out links.